Sunday, 17 February 2019

7 websites for free videos

Hey readers, 

You don't have to spend tons of money to access video entertainment, there is plenty online that is FREE. Here are my top 7 places where you can access free videos for your pleasure. 

1. Youtube. 

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Obviously, the top contender would have to be good old Youtube - it is so much you can view from vlogs, interviews, festival sets to even movies. Not to mention the topics are so varied so there really is something for everyone. 

2. DailyMotion. 

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A similar site to Youtube is DailyMotion. The site provides a daily Pulse that is tailored to give you the latest news so you are up to date in one place making easier for you to keep up with current affairs. There is also music and sports as well. You can even use the DailyMotion when you are offline if you have stored your data of videos on your own library that you like. 

3. Metacafe.

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This video sharing site is focused on short videos so you don't have to waste hours watching one video. The videos are a variety of music, entertainment, sports, tv and even comedy to keep you entertained. 

4. Veoh. 

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This is a free movie and tv site that stream a variety of popular content in many different languages so accessible for a variety of different places in the world. What is even better is that the videos come with subtitles. 

5. UKTV. 

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UKTV is an online platform that showcases programmes from popular Freeview / Freesat channels such as Challenge TV and Dave. Most of the channels are free so you can watch the programmes however don't forget that channels like Gold are part of a separate subscription package that you have to pay for,

7. LiveLeaks. 

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This is an interesting site and could get lost down the rabbit hole. It provides videos that are unedited and polished and a lot of content that I would class as political. I like the fact it is unfiltered but before clicking be careful what you watch. 

What free video sites do you watch online? Love to hear your thoughts.

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