Monday, 18 February 2019

6 ways your cat says I love you.

Hey readers,

We all know cats rule ;) (Ok that is just my opinion) but so many people assume cats are cold therefore I thought I would share how a cat shows there love to their owner with 6 signs below.

1. Head-butts.

You know where your cat likes you by the way they come over and rub against your leg, clearly very happy to have you in their presence and like to be close to their owners.  Also, when cats are rubbing up against your legs they are rubbing their scent onto you as a way to say you are accepted to them and they are happy to have you in their home.

2. Sleep.

One of the lovely things about owning a cat is when the cats come and sleep on you or close by in your bed when you’re sleeping. They clearly want your company and feel safe with you around them. They can be vulnerable when they are asleep and they are happy and contented to sleep in your presence.

3. Cattail.

Though there are many different meanings to a cats tail and how the cat is feeling. A positive sign is when your cat's tail is twitching at the tip of the tail that is an indication that the cat is happy and feeling blissful around you.

4. Blink.

A cat that slow blinks at you can be interpreted that the cat is showing you affection and that they like you in their company. Cats don't willingly like to give eye contact to everyone so you’re really lucky if they do slow type blink at you as this is their way to show that they love you.

5. Kneading.

 Do you notice when your cat moves their paws up and down whilst purring on you, well this is called kneading? When a cat was a kitten they would knead against their mothers to stimulate milk production. These habits don't die out when they get older and this is their way of giving you affection.

6. Greetings.

When I come home from a long day out my cat greets me with his tail up and this is another positive sign that they are happy to see you. It also shows that they have missed you and want some love form you as well.

Do you have cats? What ways do they like to show their love for you?

Cheers for reading x


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