Hey readers, 

My word of the week is:

This is because we have been to do a couple things. On Saturday was a really busy day for us as a family. My youngest had his work displayed at a different school as it was an entry piece for the local young artist's competition. 

Later on in the afternoon, my eldest had free tickets to see Coventry City play at the stadium. My boys were desperate to go and watch a football match. I am not a fan of football, to be honest, but now my boys can say they have to a match and experienced it first hand. 

Also, this week we have started getting more SATS homework for my eldest as he is year 2 and the tests will be coming soon. It is a bit annoying as he has five different types of homework to complete and I think at his age is a too much for him personally, but you what can you do.  

Anyhow hope you have had a good week. 

Cheers for reading X 


  1. It sounds like the boys have had a really good week with some nice experiences. I hope they enjoyed their first football match. That does sound like an excessive amount of homework, it's so sill that SATS are still a thing it's more about the school than it is about the child. #wotw

    1. Sadly my eldest gets stressed because of the pressure of it all X

  2. It sounds like you have been busy.
    Good luck to your youngest with the artist's competition.
    I'm not a fan of football either but I think if I had free tickets I would go just to experience it.
    Aww! I think kids in year two are far too young for the pressure of the SATs. #WotW

  3. Experiences is a great word of the week. sounds like your boys are keeping you busy! Good luck with the young artist.

  4. I'm not a football fan either, but what a lovely treat for your boys. Having his picture displayed as part of a competition is a great experience. I hope it encourages him to do more. I'm glad my three were passed year 2's intensive drive for SAT success. My eldest still doesn't believe she took them as her school made it fun. Shame the approach has changed. #wotw

  5. Aw that is brilliant if they can make it fun, less stews for kids X

  6. Some nice experiences there, well apart from the SATS, don't get me started on them, if I had the power to ban them I would in an instant. I've only been to a football match once and I actually enjoyed it. I don't enjoy crowds though, so that has put me off going again. Well done to your son for having his art work displayed. Thanks for linking up to #wotw