Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Love for daylight hours

Hey readers,

Have you remembered to forward your clocks? Isn’t it wonderful to get lighter evenings now and I am happy about this change, let me tell you why?

I suppose the first obvious reason why daylight saving time is good because it is lighter evenings and lovely to see the beautiful sunsets you get during the summertime.

Love for daylight hours

It is lovely to have more motivation as there is more light, which means getting more things doing.

Having more time to see things in the evening if I am out and about.

I really enjoy the calm of the lighter evenings, especially if it is dry and you can go for a lovely evening stroll.

Better change (if dry) to eat Alfresco, especially if it is a picnic at the park, makes my boys in particular super happy.

For a parent, the dream of having a quicker time to get the washing dry, meaning more loads completed in a smaller time is the dream!

That being said you don’t need to live in your home if you have some open space, a lot more quitter for us parents and the boys to play together outside without getting under your feet. Which is always an added bonus ;)

I find that if my boys are out playing in the fresh air later in the evening they sleep better during the night-time.

You feel happier when it is lighter and less likely to want to stay on watch TV, maybe because you are more energetic.

Have more desire to get out of the house and less sluggish.

During light times the golden hour is a beautiful time to take attractive photos.

With the lighter mornings, you’re more motivated to get up and not need as much sleep during the lighter months.

What things do you like about Daylight Saving Time? Love to hear your comments in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X


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