Monday, 31 December 2018

How to deal with post Christmas blues.

Hey readers,

Well, it is officially the end of Christmas and the holiday season but what now? It can be a hard period where you deflated and in a post slum. These feelings can be hard to shift so let me give you some tips on how to overcome the holiday blues. 

Christmas Tree With Baubles

Get outdoors.

It can be easy to sit at home in feeling meh, ok you don't have the money, you might have put on a few pounds and just general feeling of flatness. One way to help lift your mood is to shake off the cobwebs and go out for a walk and breath in fresh air. Walking in the open can be really beneficial and trust me you feel so much better after for choosing to it.  


With all the fun and games of Christmas end sometimes you need to have a plan on how to move forward and do something constructive like choosing a book of your reading list or sorting out your wardrobe. Anything, that can distract you and do something that can benefit you and you make you feel good at doing something that day.  

Have something to look forward to. 

Just because Christmas has ended doesn't mean you can't plan something to look forward to, whether it is going for a coffee somewhere or checking out the local art gallery, you can still get excited in doing something worthy after Christmas.  

Expect some let down.

They say preparation is key and one way is to expect some let down after Christmas. Doing this can cause let emotional response to the end of the event meaning it might suck a shock mentally and easier to manage when Christmas has ended.  

Be kind to yourself. 

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy, it is important to understand that sometimes life can be tough and be gentle with yourself. It takes a little time to adjust from the comedown of Christmas and getting back to reality and normality kicks back in. 

Make healthy choices. 

With planning and preparation instead of just eating all the crap food focus on eating healthy as this will have benefits of feeling better in your mood especially in reducing the feelings of sluggishness. Not only that put it will also give you more energy to cope with emotions and getting more productive with your day. 

Write about it.

They do say that sometimes the best ways of dealing with emotions is to write them feelings down, it can help clear your head and many come with some ways to help overcome the negative feelings of post-Christmas blues. 


Looking back over the Christmas period and focusing on the positives and the fun times can help you feel better. Knowing that you have created happy memories and there will be many more Christmases in the future to experience the fun times of Christmas again can help with the pain of holidays ending. 

Write thank you notes. 

Another way to bring on happiness after Christmas to write out thank you notes to friends and relatives for the presents they have to send you. 

What ways help you overcome the holiday blues?

Cheers for reading X  


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