Wednesday 26 August 2020

15 Things you can do with kids in the woods.

Hey readers,

An alternative place to take children to other than the park is to a local woods. It is a great natural place to walk around and explore. I have compiled 18 things you can do to make it fun with your children.

1. Walk.

Naturally, of course, the first thing on anyone's list when going to the woods is to go for a walk.

2. Build a den. 

get your kids to look for sticks and a strong tree to lean the sticks on and make it into a tend shape. it is great fun and helps build skills working together as a team.

3. Hide and seek. 

Can't go wrong with platin hide and seek especially where there are so many fantastic big trees to hide behind.

4. Leave angels. 

Make leave angels when it is autumn by simply lying down on a pile of leaves and move your legs and arms out like an angel shape.

5. Creepy crawlies.

Go exploring for creepie crawlies such as woodlice, snails, worms and ladybirds across trees, leaves and sticks. Kids love spotting things especially if they move, so much fun.

6. Climbing. 

Get active and find a tree to climb up. It is lovely to watch kids be free and confident in exploring the environment that they are in. 

7. Foraging.

There is plenty of items to forage ranging from flowers to mushrooms and berries. Though it is important to do your research on how to do forage safely. 
Do check out clear guidelines from Woodland Trust that give detailed information on when things are in season and what things you can pick safely.

8. Take photography.

Woods is a great place to take photography and capture nature beautifully. 

9. Make art.

Collect items that you see when out walking in the woods. The type of items that are great to use for art is leaves, sticks, acorns, flowers and go home and make some art on paper. 

10. Scavenger hunt.

You can either make your own and come up with certain items that are based on the woods such as trees, worms, bridge etc and place a picture or the word with a clear box to tick when the item is spotted. However, if you want an easy life there is plenty of scavenger hunts for visiting the woods online for free that you can print off. 

Kids love looking for things and running it is a simple but effective activity to do with a child. You can make it is as complex or as simple as you want. 

11. Pooh sticks.

Like in the books of Winnie the Pooh you can play pooh sticks in the woods. All you need is a stick a bridge and stream. Through the sticks on the side and watch from the other side of the bridge on which stick comes through the first and that then is the winner. 

12. Muddy Puddles. 

Make sure you wear suitable footwear but a great activity for kids to do is jump in muddy puddles, they absolutely love playing in the mud and getting splashed.

13. The stream. 

Roll up your trousers and go into the stream - more ideal in the warmer times of the year and get to refresh your feet. 

14. Picnic. 

Eat alfresco with a picnic and don't forget to bring your picnic blanket. 

15. I-spy. 

Play a game of I-spy. If you don't know what I-spy is it is a looking game where the first person starts of with saying I-spy with my little eye something beginning with A for example and all the other people involved have to guess what they can see with their eyes with something that beginnings with A such as acorn. 

Do you like going to the woods? What activities do you do when you go out into the woods? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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  1. What fun ideas. We do like to have a walk around the woods. There is always something different to see x

  2. What lovely activities. We love going for walks in the woods! Scavenger hunts are the best. :) xx