Sunday, 23 August 2020

Playmobil EverDreamerz Series 2 Unboxing (Ad)

Hey readers, 

Playmobil have just release series 2 of its new collectable EverDreamerz. In the new series contains 5 big character boxes and 12 charcter surprise boxes. Below I will explain more about what the boxes contain. 

It is based on best friends Viola, Rosalee, Clare,  Starleen and Edwina stories of fun together but also showcasing each character with their their own unique characters. 

There are 12 additional characters to collect in surprise boxes, from Colorista to Erazorman, and Kimby to Karmela. Fans should also keep a lookout for the ultra-rare Unicorn Lady and her goldern cham. 

The suggested age for these toys is 7+.

These are what the big boxes and surprise boxes look like. 

Character wall. 
5 big surprise boxes.

* Rosalee (70472). 

*  Clare (70477).

* Viona (70473)








* Starleen (70474).

* Edwina (70476).

2 Surprise boxes. 

This doesn't come with an individual number only a name). In total there are 12 to collect included a limited one called Colorrista however it is a rare one to find!

* Mrs Unicorn.

* Graffiti-Skater.


Each big-box contains personalised toys related to the character and they are listed below.

* Magic pet.

* collectable card.

* Charm.

* Bracelet.

* Bead.

* Accessories.

* water pen.

* Stickers.

With the water pen, there are instructions on the leaflet that comes with the big surprise box. It is easy to use just simply open the pen and put some water in. 

Then you can simply colour in the stickers which bring to life the colour in them. I think this feature is one of my boys favourite because they love magic and playing with water.

One downfall of the instructions that come with every big surprise box is that it uses the same Edwina photo.

I think it would be better using the instructions with the figurine within the same box just to make it easier to follow the instructions.

I find the instructions not very clear which is a struggle as I have autism and get confused easily. However, there are some online but no information as to what sticker goes where so you have to guess. Luckily my husband is good at this kind of thing and helped me out.

With the instructions on the other side of the leaflet, there is a picture chart so you can tick which figures you have and this also includes the separate items of 12 surprise chart charts in surprise boxes.

The boxes of the picture of each character turn calls are lined up against each other to create a portrait of all the characters together. 

On the first cardboard cover of the big box at the side is writing saying open here where you pull the label which will, in turn, open up the box (which is the picture of the character box to keep and use as above).

Next, you have the box with the drawing which your child can colour in as an additional feature.

The first door has a package and then on the side is a sellotape take that off and it opens up into more chambers of goodies that contain other stuff to help with play and personalise your character.

There are also stickers with each box to collect that are of each character.

There is a charm bracelet with a personalised charm related to the character personality and what they like.  

Their little items that can be played with the character for example painter has paint and a bucket so, therefore, feeds the personality of the character.

There is of course stickers as all kids love stickers

These are smaller boxes with five surprises inside.

* surprise figure.

* collectable card.

* stickers.

* charm.

* accessories.

My kids love to mix and match which is a good idea as then they can experiment and play how the like. Both my 6 and 8 years old enjoyed playing with the figures and incorporated them in play.

A big hit was opening the boxes and seeing what surprise they get in them.

I like the idea of the colouring in the box giving it another element of fun.

Overall, I think they are a fun toy and you can get lots of added extras so you don't get just stuck with one thing so keeps kids more entertained.

Cheers for reading X

I have gifted the Playmobil sets in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. 


  1. These look like lots of fun. My two love Playmobil! I love how you can extend the playsets by adding others, they're fab. x

  2. Play mobile was a firm favourite with the children when I was working as a registered child minder #anythinggoes@_karendennis

  3. I often find instructions lacking and it's really irritating. I agree photo on box should be what's inside. #MMBC

  4. My girls both used to love Playmobil. These look fab! I love Mrs Unicorn. How cute x

  5. Who doesn't love a surprise. I have always enjoyed Playmobile items.