Friday, 21 August 2020

Trends that should die now!

Hey readers,

There are so many trends that come and go. Some better than others and some that should just die out now. So, here are my top 5 trends that I think are awful that need to go ASAP.

Watch out girls then is a returning trend that is coming this summer - underbun! If you have not heard of an underbun it is basically where you have such short shorts that your bottom slips out.

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 Now I don't care about flesh sharing but sometimes girls can show far too much for the eyes to see.

Nude leggings are just a no-no for me, sorry. They are not attractive and tell everyone the truth, no one wants to see them stretched over your backside unless your stick-thin it is revolting. 

They are also in a disgusting colour and they just not flattering at all, if you own a pair do us all a favour and bin them!

When will people learn of the dreaded nude leggings and how much it scares everyone

What is it with glitter in your roots, seriously it looks like someone has sneezed on your head or you have a really bad case of coloured dandruff. Whoever thought this was cool, it is not, so please just die off!

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A recent trend that is growing in popularity is fur slides. To me, they look like something that resembles a middle-class lady of leisure that struts about in her silk dressing gown. They just look cheap and tacky, seriously if Rihanna fell off the cliff would everyone else jump off too?! I am glad I am so old that I just don't care anymore (not that did when I was younger) to care about being hip and fashionable.

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Tracksuit bottoms with the word juicy plastered on the bottom just look awful. I thought they had there day but they seem to be reappearing in my local area, please just stop, I don't want to be forced to look at your bottom.

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Fake tan just looks horrific, streaky and unnatural. Why to do this, it is just not right, are they blind, do women not see this. Ok, some can get it right but a majority go overboard or can not blend it incorrectly causing it to have that lovely streaky marking. I have done it once myself, never again.

 I looked like the angry orange and wasted money when I could have just brought a bar of chocolate and have been happy as Larry.

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Are there trends that you wish to fizzle out promo? Love to hear your comments in the comment section down below.

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  1. I agree! There is no place in the world for these things. Last year my youngest wanted glitter in the roots of her hair and I may have said to her "over my dead body". lol. Imagine trying to wash that out.
    Some people look great with fake tan but the majority look orange.

  2. I have fur slides but only wear them as slippers in the house so I don't slip on the tiled floors. Thanks for linking with #pocolo and hope to see you back later this week