Wednesday, 19 August 2020

I hate the term girl gang.

Hey readers,

There is this term knocking about on the internet called GIRL GANG and I hate it with a passion. 

Let me tell you why, well for a start I don't need people to help me. Nor do the idea that I am somehow being supported primarily because I am female. 

It is really not important to me to be liked because I am a girl and as sickly as it sounds I like a person because of who they are and not because they have a vagina.

I don't want to be an arse licker and you get that sense with this whole phenomenon of the term girl gang. 

I chose who I like and some girls quite frankly are twats whereas others are my idols and vice versa with males too.

I don't belong in gangs, it gives a sense of threatening feel as part of a mob and I don't believe in ganging up on people to like you or others.

The whole term of the gang is condescending anyway like we are not allowed to be called women because they are too hostile. 

That is what we are and we should celebrate it. But also we don't need to have to push our gender out there surely, shouldn't we just forget about that and celebrate the actual person.

There are all these kind of ideas of the people in a girl gang whereas if it is men they don't go on about their gender but merely just get to the point. 

Which is what is much more attractive. Some great women are not bold and assertive that doesn't make them less of a female and any less of a reason to celebrate them.

 You only get a certain type of person in these gangs but there is so much more to a person than a title.

I class myself as a feminist in the sense that everyone should have equal opportunities regardless of your gender. 

It should be fair and not sticking silly labels to an idea of empowering others when really all you are doing is excluding others. I

If you want help then cut the sectioning off and let's just celebrate people regardless of whether they have a vagina or not and see them as a person in their own right.

What is your take on the term girl gang? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X
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