Monday, 31 August 2020

Top 10 things to do when you are bored at home

Hey readers,

Sometimes you are at home and get a bit bored. So, if you need some inspiration check out my list of boredom busters to do around the home that will help entertain you.

1. Book. 

Reading a book is a brilliant way to get lost in a story and get kill that boredom.

2. Bath.

 Have a bath can take that half an hour off and you feel suitable refreshed.

3. Colouring in. 

 Do some colouring, in a colour in the book. It can really help you to concentrate on the task and use your creative skills.

4. Youtube. 

Binge watch some YouTube video - as we all know there is a whole host of choice on a wide selection of topics to enjoy on the old YouTube. 

Though be warned can be a bit of a vortex and you may end up watching too many videos of kittens are robotic hoovers.

5. Bake.

 Bake something and get rewarded after. It can be something really simple such as making cornflake cakes but you will feel you have achieved something with your time. Or alternatively, try a new recipe and enhance your skills at cooking.

6. De-clutter.

 Sort out some clutter out in your home that needs taking care off and the good thing is you feel really productive after. 

We all have some bits to sort out and organise in our home and what better way to use your time than in a constructive way. There is no lovelier feeling than to get something in order.

7. Blogging.

 Of course, I could not miss out on the old blog and writing up a blog post is a great way to use your time. You can write as much or little as you want. You could alternatively read other blogs to get inspiration from them.

8. Paint your nails.

There is something very therapeutic about painting your nails and taking your time to do a good job can make you feel so much better when making simple changes to your appearance.

9. Jigsaw puzzle.

 I will be honest, I am a bit old school and when I have time I love nothing better than completing a jigsaw puzzle. A positive thing about doing jigsaw puzzles is that it enhances your problem-solving skills by trying to solve where the pieces go.

10. Exercise.

 If all else fails and you stuck for ideas then do some exercise. You don't even have to pay for silly DVDs that cost an arm or a leg, you can find free material from  YouTube or Pinterest for instance!

Hope this inspired you to kill some of that boredom. Is there anything that isn't suggested in this post that you think is a good idea to kill boredom when you are at home? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X


  1. If I have a spare half hour and I'm at a loose end I will scroll through TikTok and easily lose an hour or so. Oops. lol
    Fab ideas x

  2. Another suggestion, go through your desk. Get rid of outdated files and reorganize to trash items you no longer need.

  3. Lots of these are my go-to things too: Books, decluttering, blogging, and jigsaw puzzles are my faves in this season.