Friday, 28 August 2020

A- Z of school life

Hey readers,

A new academic year is starting for all (fingers crossed that doesn't change) so in celebration of the new school year here is a post all about school life, enjoy :)

 A- assembly is great fun getting cold bottoms on the floor.

B - the building is essential to keep education in one place.

C - communication is the backbone of any learning. 

D - the school is a place where dreams can happen.

E - Enrollment is the key to getting into a good school. 

F - friends will be made and maybe who knows could years later. 

G - governers we need leaders to move things forward.

H - homework - sucks but needs to be done.

I - injury because there is definitely bound to happen at some point. Whether it be a graze a headbang you bet it an injury will occur one day at school if not many more.

J - you will always find one joker in the class.

K - there will be definitely one time when the parent has to run back to school to return forgotten pe kit.

L - lunchtime where your free to run around and play.

M - meals help you fuel to keep on going till the end of the day. 

N - a school is a place where you can be nourished and grow.

O - school opens up new avenues of opportunity.

P - parents evening is where we get to find the real answer of you are doing at school.

Q -  Sometimes there is a queue and you need to learn to wait.

R - Rooms everywhere so keep your eyes open.

S - star of the week makes an appearance every week but who gets it is anyone's guess.

T - teachers are vital to keeping a school successful.

U - uniform helps to keep things in order.

V - volume on high with 30 kids in a classroom that is one big obstacle to manage.

W - work everywhere does it ever stop?

X - if in dealt play the xylophone in the music class.

Y - when Friday hits yawns are dominant.

Z - a school is comparable to a zoo

Cheers for reading X


  1. Ahh! I loved this. It's been so long since the kids were at school I had forgotten about some of these things. x

  2. This was a fun post and brought back some nostalgic school memories!

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