Wednesday, 2 September 2020

why playgrounds are ace.

Hey readers,

If you are a parent you would have experienced taking your child to the playground. I think they are a brilliant resource for everyone to use and here is why.

They get you out of the house and get you away from the four walls or watching too much tv.

Playgrounds are a great way of getting a change of scenery and be surrounded by green. 

Sometimes, just getting away from the same places is a blessing in disguise.

If there is one thing I love more than anything in the world as a parent it is finding fun things to do with my child that are free because let's face it children come with a bloody big price tag, especially when they hit a school.

 So, if I can save some money somewhere then going to the playground is one. Plus it helps with keeping children entertained and stop complaining for a while that they are bored.

Playgrounds are great for exercise, playing chase, walking or even pushing a child on the swing all contributes to keeping you active.

Going to the playground allows you to blow some cobwebs off and get some much needed fresh air. It also provides a mental boost and helps clear your head. 

It really is amazing such a small and simple activity can have a huge impact on making you feel less crap and giving you the change to think more clearly.

Visiting a playground outdoors gives the child the opportunity to get vitamin D from being out in the fresh air and help build strength in their bones.

Playgrounds encourage free play, where the child decides what they want to do, they can even make up their own games or use their imagination on the playground apparatus. 

This next point coincides with the above one in the fact that a  child can test out their communicational skills with socialising with other children at the playground. 

Therefore the possibility of working together to establish what they want to do. There is also the positive effect of finding a person to share the enjoyment of play with someone who has similar interests in what they like to do in the playground.

Therefore I conclude that playgrounds are ACE!

What do you think about playgrounds? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X


  1. I actually campaigned for several years to get my local playground updated you can read about it in my post titled battle to upgrade Rock park on my blog #parentingpower@_karendennis

  2. Lovely post. One of the saddest things here was when they taped up all the equipement due to COVID. Glad to have them back.

  3. Yes I do like playgrounds as I love the kids playing outside. However, I am a bit wary of them after my son knocked his front teeth out on the seesaw handlebars! #ParentPower

  4. I have mixed feelings about playgrounds: while I agree with ALL of your points above, I dislike the behaviour of other children and the lack of supervision. Plus I find it difficult trying to keep track of 3 kids at once! Thanks for linking up with #ParentPower

  5. Playgrounds are life for parents of young and older kids and so important. I think I have been hanging around in them for 25 years, with the kids I nannied for then my own kids and now the kid I care for... I do always supervise and try to be present though.