Friday, 25 September 2020

You know you are a mum...

Hey readers,

There is something strange about becoming a mum not only does your whole world change but you get this universal unitedness shared with other mums. 

This happened even though you don't know the
the person but you can relate and understand.
I am not your average mummy as I am autistic which can bring up an array of challenges as an individual and as a mum. 

Sometimes regardless of my disability I can listen, read or hear situations that I can identify with and feel the same way as that parent feels. 

OK, it can be very lonely being a parent but sometimes when you hear similar stories of motherhood that you identify you get this sense of solidarity. It can be uplifting to know your not the only one experiencing these situations. 

Therefore I thought I would make a list that is a general experience that other parents can identify with.

1. No!

Having to say NO a million and one times. I have never used a word so much until I had kids and used this word. 

2. The smell of little one's hair.

Smelling your little one's hair straight after having a bath. There is nothing that smells that amazing and I would even go as far as saying that I could almost lick the hair, haha!

3. Mum bag.

Why is that most common item in my bag is a dozen or so fruit shoot tops gathered up at the bottom?

4. Alone time.

That when you finally get time alone you still end up thinking about your child.

5. CBeebies.

You know the whole song to Cbeebies goodnight tune.

6. Referee.

If you have two children you are automatically promoted to a referee.

7. Bribery is key.

You are qualified in negotiating skills and bribe making.

8. silence is golden unless...

You have a panic when you hear silence and you think to yourself,  's**t what is it that is up to '.

9. Sleep.

Sleep becomes a hell of a lot sexier and you have never fantasised about anything as much as sleep.

10. Alone.

Being alone feels weird and you feel as if something is missing.

Cheers for reading X


  1. 'No' features far too much in my daily conversations, but it's a necessary evil! As for a mum bag, I have several of them, all packed for any eventuality and doubt that will ever change! :) Super cute post! Sim x #PoCoLo

  2. Yes to all of this! I can totally relate.
    I can still remember the Cbeebies goodnight tune and my girls are 13 & 18 years old. lol