Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Ikeas magical charm.

Hey readers,

As a parent, some of the things I look for is activities to keep little ones occupied whether that be indoors or out. 

Nothing beats having time out from the home to get a break from the role of being an entertainer. One of the simple but very effective family days out for me personally is that big grey, blue and yellow striking building commonly know as IKEA!!!! 

It is one of my eldest sons favourite days out so much so that he begs me to take him there and goes ape s**t when we go past the building.

I had a brain wave and thought why not write right down reasons why I love this magnetically enchanted kingdom that young children gravitate towards. Therefore I have listed my top reasons why Ikea is simply the best.

★ Let's start with food, very essential criteria on any family day out and what is there not to love about cheap hot dogs, meatballs and ice cream where you can use a machine to release the lid of fatty yumminess. 

★ If you did not get an Ikea family card then you must as not only do you get discounts but also free coffee and tea, win-win!

★ The whole atmosphere wreaks of families as you get the sense of child-friendly ness with the layout being bright, playful with its tunnels for kids to run around or the fact you can get a complimentary nappy for FREE for young 'uns speaks volumes.

★ It is great for kids to be free in a magical area where they can play kitchens, jump on beds and pretend to work in an office or like my son imitating his daddy using the computers. 

★ There is free family fun on during the holiday times whether that be making bird boxes or at Christmas seeing Santa Claus, that will make a child's day, therefore, meaning you a top parent!

★ Baby care room is excellent thinking with the decor being fun and playful, little and large toilets, hop hops and the like. Makes any parent with a child go to the toilet or changing a nappy a lot lot easier. And as parents like anything making a task smooth and less stress.

★ There is four-hour free parking that is family-friendly again making it an easier enjoyable experience for everyone.

★ Essentially it is a cheap day out and everyone is happy what more could you want.

Now you have heard all these wonderfulness go explore and have fun.

Cheers for reading X


  1. I have never been to an Ikea. The nearest one always seems to be miles away. It does sound like a good day out. x