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Friday, 31 December 2021

6 ways to earn amazon vouchers!

Hey readers, 

Looking to earn a few quid which would be ideal as we are heading closer to Christmas.

 Well, I can tell you some simple money apps that you can earn Amazon vouchers simply by scanning your receipts and it is really simple to do. 

1. Snap My Eats.

With Snap Eats you have a set amount of receipts you can upload which is  25 receipts. They need to be done within the month and then you get a £10 reward. 

Of course, if you don't have 25 receipts depending on how many you upload you will receive £1-£4. 

Once you are up to £10 you can cash it out as a gift card which can be used in selected stores such as Virgin, Amazon, and Google Play store. 

The receipts are for anything food-related, whether it be food from the supermarket, restaurant, or coffee shop. As long as something that is food-related is purchased then it will be accepted.

The app can be downloaded via the Play store and the Apple app store. 

2. Shopprize. 

Pretty simple all you need is receipts, take a picture of them and scan them into the app.

 Make sure that you tap to focus your camera and take a picture of your receipt. Check that your photo is readable and not blurry or cut-off.

 Use your coins to enter to win the offers give-away or save up your coins in exchange for Amazon or play gift vouchers. 

To qualify for a gift card you will need to have 500 coins to cash out a £5 Amazon or play gift card. 

Once clarifying you want the gift card you will receive an email confirming your details fairly shortly after and you can use the code straight away. It on average takes about 2 weeks if you are consistently scanning in receipts. 

3. Huyu. 

My referral code is GVCXNXFR and gets 50 points. 

Again another receipt app where you can earn points from your receipt. 

You can cash out once you hit the 500 points which can be exchanged for a five-pound Amazon voucher. 

They do send you an email with the gift code which then you just copy and paste to your Amazon account under managing your gift cards when you can it to so don't have to spend it straight away. 

4. Shoppix. 

Shoppix is similar to Receipt Hog where you can scan in your receipts and collect rewards.

Also, you get scratchcards also given an opportunity to win additional coins. 

There are also quick surveys where you can win more points.

 Once you reach certain coins you can exchange them in Amazon vouchers, below is how much money equals the number of tokens. 

3200 Tokens = £5
6000 Tokens = £10
11500 Tokens = £20

5. TopCashback.

Referral link -

Basically, go on the website before purchasing anything and click on the shop page (you will find it by typing the name of the store into the search bar). 

Then just click to shop which will take you to the site that you want to go to. Each shop has percentage money back and you can request to transfer money earned on Top cashback in Amazon vouchers.

6. Storewards.

Storewards is the latest app you can get rewarded for uploading your receipts and there is no limit to how many receipts you upload.

The receipts can be anything such as a supermarket, bus ticket, and even charity shops.

This app is now my favorite app because it is the quickest one to earn coins which you can transfer money into your Paypal or other gift codes available. 

Make sure you check in each day as you will be rewarded 600 coins for simply opening the app.

It is also levels involved so the more you snap and earn coins you go up a level and this means more bonuses for you. 

Cheers for reading X 

Saturday, 3 October 2020

50 items to flip

 Hey readers,

Looking for a way to earn a few quid on the side especially with Christmas around the corner then a good way to do this is by a method called flip. 

What does Flip mean?

It is a term originated from America but to but it simply you buy something at a small cost and go on to sell it for a profit. 

Types of places to buy goods are:

  • Chruch sales
  • Auctions
  • Charity shops 
  • Library/university sales
  • Car boots
  • Markets
  • Wholesalers.

Then what you do is simply place the item on money selling app such as eBay, Facebook market, gum tree etc and then increase value for its worth. 

Make sure photos are crisp, getting loads of photos so the buyer and clearly see the product. Give information about the product if it is used or new etc can help get a good sale. 

Of course, if you are doing this long term which some people do. I don't personally just the odd thing here and there but you will need to think about buying items in bulk such as bubble wrap, paper, sellotape, envelopes and even the best deal with delivery. 

It is important to do your research if you want to do this long time. Nonetheless, you chose what you want to put in of course it could be the odd item.  

You definitely need time as it is work to put all the information together, making sure the item is a good condition and getting items posted. 

Anyhow, I have come up with 50 items which are brilliant for getting a good sell and it helps to have something in mind to look for when out in a charity shop or similar.


50 top-selling items to flip on selling sites to make a profit. 

  1. Vintage VHS horror. 
  2. Cashmere anything.
  3. New and used shoes. 
  4. Old gaming systems. 
  5. Car parts. 
  6. Bicycles.
  7. Textbooks.
  8. Disney stuff.
  9. Furniture.
  10. Power tools. 
  11. Designer watches. 
  12. Antiques.
  13. Basthtubs / proclein sinks.
  14. Ceramic decorations that are rare to find. 
  15. Concert t-shirts.
  16. Canvas painting. 
  17. Limited edition trainers.
  18. Baby and kid gear.
  19. Vintage eyewear. 
  20. Vinyl.
  21. Books. 
  22. Sports memorabilia.
  23. Old canning jars.
  24. Wine.
  25. Houses.
  26. Trailers.
  27. Websites.
  28. Vintage board games.
  29. Vintage toys.
  30. Anything related to Star Wars.
  31. Lego sets.
  32. Nutcrackers.
  33. Collectables.
  34. Outdoor furniture.
  35. Snow globes.
  36. Vintage cups.
  37. Glassware.
  38. Remote controls.
  39. Small antiques.
  40. Sterling silver.
  41. Mobile phones.
  42. Barbies.
  43. Pyrex.
  44. Power washing equipment.
  45. Record players.
  46. Vintage video games. 
  47. Appliances.
  48. Photography gear. 
  49. Scrap metal.
  50. Commercial equipment.
Have you ever flipped any items to resell? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X