6 things not to keep in the fridge.

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Did you know some items that you have in your refrigerator are not best to be placed there but other places in your kitchen? Well in this post I am going to tell you 10 items that should not live in your refrigerator.

1. Honey. 

Honey is fairly easy to store in a place that is cool and dark that won't melt the honey easy. It is actually better if you don't refrigerator honey because of the temperatures making the honey mixture more congealed so when you want to use honey it is harder to spread and gets out of the container. 

2. Potatoes. 

If you refrigerate potatoes it could cause the potatoes to turn some of the starch into sugar causing the potatoes to taste sweeter. Also, will lead to higher levels of a chemical called acrylamide when the potatoes are baked, fried or roasted at high temperatures. Acrylamide causes cancer in animals and so might also harm people's health.

3. Butternut squash. 

Avoid storing butternut squash in the fridge because of the humidity. It is better to keep in a cool and dark place for up to 30 days. However, if you have cut up the buttersquash it is advised to cling film the pieces and store them in the fridge for up to 5 days. 

4. Bread. 

The worst thing you can do to help keep bread fresh places it into the fridge. This is because it becomes more stale or quicker when stored in the fridge because the temperature changes the starches that were rearranged when baking will simply go back to its original crystalise state making the process counter-productive. If you want to store bread then do this by keeping it at room temperature in a dark and cool place such as a cupboard, pantry or a bread bin. 

4. Onions. 

The best place to put onions is a dark and cool place like a pantary. If you place onions into the fridge then it will not maintain a dry outer layer of the onion. Also, a fridge is a damper place then a pantry due to the lack of air circulating in the fridge this will which will result in spoiling the onion bdecadse of the mositure and gases let off meaning that the onion will go off quicker in the fridge.

5. Batteries.

Some people beliece that the fridge is a good place to store batteries but this is not the case because of the extreme cold temperatures will reduce the batteries performance. It is suggested to store batteries in a dark and cool place. 

6. Nail polish. 

If you put nail polish into a fridge it could cause the nail polish to thicken inconsistency. Also, once you do take the nail polis out of the fridge and use it on your nails it can take longer to warm up and use. With the modern nail, polish formula preserves the shelf life of nail polish. If the nail polish has tickened then it is recommended to add a few drops of nail polish thinner.
What are your thoughts on the items I suggested that should not live in the refrigerator? I love to hear your comments down below.

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  1. Bread and honey I knew, but potatoes and onions sprout too fast if not in the fridge. #KCACOLS

  2. I knew some of these but not others. I actually do keep my nail polish in the fridge. I live in a hot country and if I leave it out, it is too runny! Great list though. #MMBC

    1. This has reminded me of my late grandmother who had no idea about using a fridge, she would put unopened tins of food in there #anythinggoes@_karendennis

  3. Good list but I have trouble imagining nail polish in the fridge. #MMBC

  4. Thanks for the information. I usually store my onions in the fridge, but it makes sense not to. I will find another place to keep them. Maybe the pantry.

  5. Interesting. Batteries & Nail polish though! I didn't know people thought that was a good idea. Eesh! #MMBC

  6. I can confidently say I have never put any of those items in my fridge. Well, sometimes bread, but only when it's not as fresh and I plan on grilling it anyways since I know putting it in the fridge dries it out more, but I also want to keep mold from growing quicker.

  7. I didn't know that about potatoes. It would save some space!

  8. I've been trying to tell my wife for years that putting the bread in the fridge isn't keeping it any fresher. I'm not sure where she got the idea that is but it's hopeless #KCACOLS

  9. Oh that is interesting, I always keep onions in the fridge! Mainly because I don't have anywhere else in the kitchen to store them! x #KCACOLS

  10. Oh this is interesting! I keep my potatoes and onions in the fridge out of the list you share and I have to say I’ve noticed my potatoes do taste sweeter and they last so much longer. Thank you for linking up with #KCACOLS and we hope to see you next time

  11. Oh this is interesting! I keep my potatoes and onions in the fridge out of the list you share and I have to say I’ve noticed my potatoes do taste sweeter and they last so much longer. Thank you for linking up with #KCACOLS and we hope to see you next time

  12. I didn't know anyone put any of those things in the fridge except the batteries - but I thought only my mum did that (as one of those totally weird old people thing that she read somewhere). Why on earth would anyone put nail polish in the fridge??? #KCACOLS

  13. I had never even thought about putting batteries in the fridge?! I know that eggs are contentious too... #KCACOLS

  14. Great post. I always wondered about the battery in the fridge thing. I was a little surprised to see that people actually think putting some of the other stuff in the fridge is a good idea...nail polish?!? Why? Well, to each their own, I guess. Thanks for sharing.