Monday, 11 November 2019

6 reasons to avoid Black Friday.

Hey readers,

Soon it will be Black Friday (29th November).

If you didn't know Black Friday is a tradition that started in America the day after Thanks Giving (which is the fourth Thursday in November).

On Black Friday stores offer high sales and open their stores early on the day. 

The popularity has reached the UK as well though even though we don't celebrate Thanks Giving. 

 I have an issue with black Friday and here are my reasons below. 

1. Rage. 

I can not stand the greed of some people where they go absolutely berserk in shopping rage in order to get a bloody TV or something similar and even more so when they get violent.

 It saddens me that something material makes people act so negative and nasty way. 

2. Overspending. 

The problem with Black Friday is that most people can often be found to be spontaneous and buy things maybe they don't need or overspend on a budget they don't have. 

The buzz is in the air whereas if you have a plan and work on your budget I think you get a better deal in the long run. 

 The black Friday idea is actually to lure the customer in to spend loads on impulse because the deals are short term, don't last long and make you feel that they are brilliant deals with all the promotion in the media. 

3. Crowded. 

Yuk, too many crowds of sweaty people in a state of urgency in a cramped space really is not my cup of tea! 

Why would you wait for hours to get a deal, the thought makes me feel depressed. Yes, it is lovely to get a deal but is it really worth it when it is just such a miserable experience, it just makes me associate the item with frustration and anger. 

4. Real deal?

Do you really get a good offer on Black Friday as it has been found that dynamic pricing happens? 

Dynamic pricing is when the prices rise during the early weeks of November then on the day are reduced to its original price so where is the saving? For example, the £50 bag you wanted was most likely to be £50 earlier this year. Therefore your not really saving at all because it is just tricks to lure you into the idea that you are getting a bargain when you are not. 

5. Hype.

Is Black Friday really good for people who are into saving or are we just believing the hype that we are getting good deals? 

Black Friday again feeds into this pretend idea of getting a bargain when really your most likely not!

The best thing to do is if you are frugal then to avoid shops on Black Friday, save your money and budget instead. This will save you a few quid when you're not going on an impulse splurge which can easily be done in the moment of mayhem. 

6. Thankful.

I know I am from the UK so don't celebrate Thanksgiving but I am questioning the idea of Black Friday being the day after Thanksgiving. 

This is because Thanksgiving is meant to be a time of being thankful for what you have and then the next day people go on a mad spree to get material objects. It is utter madness and does goes against the whole notion of Thanksgiving surely?!

What is your view on Black Friday? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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