Monday, 18 November 2019

51 Signs that you are british

Hey readers, 

Ever wondered what Britsh meant well here are top 51 signs that mean you're British, its law and I said so ;)

1. Queuing.

2. Accidentally dropping your biscuit into your cup of tea.

3. A cooked a roast dinner.

4. Saying sorry when it isn't your fault.

5. Having a stiff upper lip.

6. Having a dry sense of humour.

7. Eating a fry up for breakfast.

8. Having a beer at the airport even though it is before 8am when going on holiday abroad. 

9. Shouting "wahey' when someone accidentally drops or breaks something.

10. Eating cucumber sandwiches.

11. Moaning if it is too hot.

12. Moaning if it is too cold. 

13. Enjoy the sales when it is boxing day.

14. Having meals based on what day it is - like Fishy Friday.

15. Not correcting someone when they pronounce your name wrong.

16. Feeling appreciative that the person in front put the 'next customer' barrier on the conveyor belt.

17. Wearing summer clothes when you see the first sight of the sun. 

18. You go outside to take the sunshine in when there is a tiny bit of sunshine shining.

19. You can recognise the theme tune to Eastenders.

20. You fancy eating fish and chips on a cold evening.

21. If you leave the house and have to return because you have forgotten something if someone is in the home they say that was quick.

 22. Holding the door open for someone when they’re unnecessarily far away so they end up running for the door.

23. Finding the American forwardness way a bit too much. 

24. Being skilled at writing a letter of complaint. 

25. Having good manners.

26.Going to the pub. 

27. Moaning about the daily commute to work. 

28. Saying 'right' before you do something. 

29. Uttering ‘Aaaah’ after taking the first sip of a cold beer.

30. Family holidays always start at 5 am in the morning to miss traffic jams.

31. You know the best item for the beach is a bucket and spade.

32. You have a strong opinion on marmite.

33. Got sunburnt in spring.

34. Avoiding eye contact on the tube. 

35. Finding nothing better than a bacon sarnie. 

36. Had a cheeky Nandos.

37. You are polite to the people you hate and insult the people you like.

38. When someone asks how are things and you instantly reply with ok thanks when deep down you are dying inside.

39. When you go abroad and you complain that you can't get a decent cup of tea.

40. Sarcasm.

41. Making a cup of tea in response to a crisis. 

42. Insisting the person in front goes first through the door. 

43. Owning a picnic basket but only using it once a year. 

44. Doing anything possible for a light tan. 

45. Searching your pockets when asked for spare change.

 46. Grumbling throughout a meal, but not telling the staff so as not to cause a fuss.

47. Mistaking brightness for warmth.

48. Feeling extreme excitement over a Sunday roast dinner.

49. The ultimate crime has to be someone queue jumping. 

50. Apologising automatically. 

51. Giggling at innuendos.

Do you associate with any of these sighs? What is your view od being British? I love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

Cheers for reading X 


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