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Monday, 23 August 2021

**AD** Review of Wallace & Gromit Live Concert.

Hey readers,

It is the summer holiday at the moment and if you're looking for something to do then you need to consider watching Wallace & Gromit In concert at the Edinburgh Festival online. 

**AD** Review of Wallace & Gromit Live Concert.

Carrot production has teamed up with the award-winning Aardman to bring you Wallace & Gromit In Concert. This is perfect for all the family to enjoy and having an orchestra adds something a bit different to the normal cartoon format. 

**AD** Review of Wallace & Gromit Live Concert.

Did you know that Wallace & Gromit 30 minute animation film is one of the most successful films ever! Not only that but Aardman also created brilliant shows such as creature comforts, chicken run, and Shaun the Sheep. 

**AD** Review of Wallace & Gromit Live Concert.

My boys love Wallace & Gromit cartoons and we watched a recorded version of the show and they were really interested in it. I say it is perfect for a late afternoon evening time as it is 1 hour and 18 minutes. It is lively but it is relaxing at the same time if that makes sense. 

**AD** Review of Wallace & Gromit Live Concert.

Another good thing about watching the show at home is you can break anytime and have toilet breaks which are important when you have children. 

**AD** Review of Wallace & Gromit Live Concert.

Not only is there an amazing live orchestra they play fun classics such as Bohemian Rhapsody which both my boys love Queen so they really enjoyed hearing that. 

**AD** Review of Wallace & Gromit Live Concert.

I would say it is suited for 5 upwards mainly cause of the association. I liked the fact that orchestra members dressed up in Wallace & Gromit costumes where it is cheese, Shaun the sheep, or Lady Campanula to name a few. 

Not only is the show orchestra music there are classic clips in between the music making it fun with the story and coming together as a live performance.

 Matthew Sharp is an internationally renowned musician, actor, and performer and he really helps bring the show to life with musical performances and humour to get all the family smiling. 

In 2019 a the popular Snow Man live orchestra show produced by Carrot Production also brought the Wallace & Gromit The Wrong Trousers production as well which was successful up and down the country. 

Sadly due to the show being cancelled during 2020 due to the pandemic, it means that a lot of people missed out on the performance, including different countries. 

However, 2021 brings the return of the multi-awarded Wallace & Gromit live show which will be on-demand from 6-30 August 2021. The show is available online and on-demand including in BSL and audio description format. 

To book tickets for the online show of Wallace & Gromit The Wrong Trousers live orchestra at Edinburgh Fringe Festival click here. The cost of the tickets is £15.00 full price or a concession at £13.00 and this is an online event meaning you can watch it from the comfort of your own home. 

Also if you are interested in The Snowman Live they are doing shows later in the year so you can book tickets now here. I was lucky enough to be gifted some tickets in 2019 for me and my family to check out The Snowman live and you can check out my review on my blog here.

Cheers for reading X

I was gifted tickets in exchange for a review of Wallace & Gromit Live Concert. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

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Friday, 30 July 2021

What you need to know about visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Hey readers,

The other day we visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) in West Yorkshire. I thought it was really good so I decided to tell you all about it in this post.

What you need to know about visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Regarding Covid.

People were wearing masks (this was prior to the 19th of July so not sure about the new covid rule changes). There is social distancing in place and also plenty of sanitiser stations should you so wish to use them. 

As we went during the covid period it is important to note that you do have to pre-book tickets beforehand. 

What you need to know about visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park.
YSP is where nature and commentary art come together. It is located over 500 acres of historical parkland. The parkland is situated on the grounds of Betton Hall dated from the 18th century.

 Checking out the reviews on Google it is rated in the top things to do in West Yorkshire. On the site, it actually says that it takes an estimate of more than 3 hours. Although that is also a decision can make though believe me there is a lot to explore at the YSP. 


The cost of the tickets is £6 for adults, carers and children go in for free. The cost of the ticket includes the car parking and also open-air galleries. 

What you need to know about visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Even though children are free they still need tickets. Blue badge holders need tickets and there are spaces at the front of the car park for blue badge holders.

 Make sure you have your tickets on you as they will be checked at times in the park either printed or on the phone. 

What you need to know about visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Make sure you wear suitable footwear as you could literally spend the whole day there. We went during the heatwave so spend 4 hours there which was a lot considering the temperatures.

What you need to know about visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

 But that is ok because we took out time and left when it got too much for my boys. We didn't manage to see all the sculptures as there is an impressive 80 sculptures dotted about in the park (some are indoors). 

What you need to know about visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Damian Hurst - Myth. 

What you need to know about visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Henry Moore - Large Totam Head. 

What you need to know about visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Henry Moore - Two Large Forms.

What you need to know about visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Damian Hurst - The Virgin Mother (2005 - 2006). 

What you need to know about visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Damian Hurst - Charity (2002 - 2003). 

What you need to know about visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

What you need to know about visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Sean Scully: Crate of Air. 

What you need to know about visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Damian Hurst - The Hat Makes the man (2004-2007).

What you need to know about visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Henry Moore - Upright Motives No.1 (Glenkiln Cross): No 2; No7. 

What you need to know about visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Lucy + Jorge Orta: Diana.

What you need to know about visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Lucy + Jorge Orta: Gazing Ball. 

What you need to know about visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Mark Di Suvero: The Cave.     

The park is perfect for picnic areas as plenty of grassy areas and also some benches. Yorkshire Post has listed YSP in the top list of places to have a picnic in Yorkshire.

There is also a cafe if you want to buy food though quite pricey but if you are fine with that then the option is there should you need it. 

It is fantastic for kids because they can run about, there is plenty of open spaces along with a foresty area and a lake where wildlife can be spotted. 

Also within the wooded area, there are highland cows and we went around to see the cow it was just casually sitting down on the ground eating grass and didn't seem bothered by the presence of humans, see below for photo evidence.

What you need to know about visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

What you need to know about visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

What you need to know about visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

You can take photos of the sculptures but bear in mind that they ask you not to climb on them so that they are protected and looked after. 

The area is accessible for pushchairs and toddlers so makes a good day out for young children. 

Bloomberg Connects App. 

There is a free app called Bloomberg Connects so you can see all the sculptures and information about them. It is available on Andriod and IOS. 
On the app, there is a digital map although you can get free paper maps in the centers within the grounds. On the app, it has pinpoints on where the exact sculptures are and information about. 

Also on the app, it shows where your nearest toilets are to where on located which makes it a lot easy especially with children when you locate a toilet quickly. 

What you need to know about visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park.


There are toilets at the top near the car park where the learning centre is and also further afield near The Weston Cafe are also toilets (included disabled and baby changing room). 

There is also a gallery you can visit as well if you are in the building. 

Disabled-friendly and if you require a mobility scooter you can hire one out at the YSP. 


You can take your dog but it must be on a short lead at all times.


West Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4LG. 
(SatNav) WF4 4JX. 
What 3 Words - hypnorist.stump.island. 
Tel - (01924) 832631.

Opening time. 

Apart from 24 - 25 December, YSP is open every day between 10am until 6pm. 

Cheers for reading X

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Auntie Anne's Too Good To Go Review

Hey readers,

I like to save money where I can and one thing I spotted recently was people talking about an app called Too Good To Go. So, I downloaded and brought my first magic bag the other day and in this post, I am going to review the app Too Good To Go and tell you all about it. 

Auntie Anne's Too Good To Go Review

What is the Too Good To Go app?

It is an app where restaurants and food places can instead of chucking out food at the end of the day bag that food called a magic bag which is available on the app at a reduced price.

 Therefore this cuts down food waste as also gives another a bargain of an item at a reduced price, so both the buyer and the seller are getting out of it. 

On the app, you can select between a 10m - 30m radius of places to check if the bags are available in the area. The prices vary depending on the shop and what the content is. The places for example that participate in this scheme is Greggs, Morrisons, |Spar, Auntie Anne's, Costa, Sainsbury's and some local places too. 

You do need to be quick,  I got my auntie Anne's bag the day before. They do have a certain amount of bags so it will be a first come first serve basis. 

Every day there are new goodie bags to purchase so always good to check the app frequently.

To pay for the magic bag you can use your card details, google pay, and PayPal. You can pay straight away. Once you have made payment there is a window of 2 hours where you can cancel the payment if you change your mind.

When the payment is made you will get an email of confirmation.

On the app, you will have an order number saved under your orders. When you go to collect your goodie bag you can show a staff member as proof it is a goodie bag you have purchase.

If you regularly use the app you can save your favorite places by hitting the heart button on the box where the place is that you like. The next time you open up the app you can quickly get to view your favorite places and what they have available. 

Auntie Anne's magic bag.

 Like I said earlier I placed an order the day before (4pm) and I needed to collect the order the day after between 2.00pm - 2.30pm. It will say on the app the time to pick up your magic bag as it is different each time. 

So, the cost of Auntie Anne's goodie bag was £3.59 and it does on the app what the equivalent amount of food you get for that in the original cost. So, my bag should come to normally about £10.00.  

As you can see I have a saving of £6.41 because I am buying food that is on a date but sadly it would end up in the bin because it is best before as the food is fine to eat but won't be at its best. 

Also, remember to make sure that you are on time. I just went to the serving desk said I wanted to pick up a too good to go magic bag showed the confirmation order and she gave me the bag. No problems waiting around and the food was formed when I collected so still fresh and on a date.

Of course, the thing about magic bags is you won't know what is in them until you get the bag because it will depend on the day and what food is left over.

In my bag, I got three big cinnamon pretzels from Auntie Annies and the original prize is £4.40 for 1 cinnamon pretzel and I got three which I think is a good saving. 

Auntie Anne's Too Good To Go Review

They taste really good, fresh and I can't really complain. 

I will be definitely trying out different places to see what they are like but overall can't fault the app and think it is a really good idea to save money and food waste.

Cheers for reading X

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Sunday, 23 August 2020

Playmobil EverDreamerz Series 2 Unboxing (Ad)

Hey readers, 

Playmobil have just release series 2 of its new collectable EverDreamerz. In the new series contains 5 big character boxes and 12 charcter surprise boxes. Below I will explain more about what the boxes contain. 

It is based on best friends Viola, Rosalee, Clare,  Starleen and Edwina stories of fun together but also showcasing each character with their their own unique characters. 

There are 12 additional characters to collect in surprise boxes, from Colorista to Erazorman, and Kimby to Karmela. Fans should also keep a lookout for the ultra-rare Unicorn Lady and her goldern cham. 

The suggested age for these toys is 7+.

These are what the big boxes and surprise boxes look like. 

Character wall. 
5 big surprise boxes.

* Rosalee (70472). 

*  Clare (70477).

* Viona (70473)








* Starleen (70474).

* Edwina (70476).

2 Surprise boxes. 

This doesn't come with an individual number only a name). In total there are 12 to collect included a limited one called Colorrista however it is a rare one to find!

* Mrs Unicorn.

* Graffiti-Skater.


Each big-box contains personalised toys related to the character and they are listed below.

* Magic pet.

* collectable card.

* Charm.

* Bracelet.

* Bead.

* Accessories.

* water pen.

* Stickers.

With the water pen, there are instructions on the leaflet that comes with the big surprise box. It is easy to use just simply open the pen and put some water in. 

Then you can simply colour in the stickers which bring to life the colour in them. I think this feature is one of my boys favourite because they love magic and playing with water.

One downfall of the instructions that come with every big surprise box is that it uses the same Edwina photo.

I think it would be better using the instructions with the figurine within the same box just to make it easier to follow the instructions.

I find the instructions not very clear which is a struggle as I have autism and get confused easily. However, there are some online but no information as to what sticker goes where so you have to guess. Luckily my husband is good at this kind of thing and helped me out.

With the instructions on the other side of the leaflet, there is a picture chart so you can tick which figures you have and this also includes the separate items of 12 surprise chart charts in surprise boxes.

The boxes of the picture of each character turn calls are lined up against each other to create a portrait of all the characters together. 

On the first cardboard cover of the big box at the side is writing saying open here where you pull the label which will, in turn, open up the box (which is the picture of the character box to keep and use as above).

Next, you have the box with the drawing which your child can colour in as an additional feature.

The first door has a package and then on the side is a sellotape take that off and it opens up into more chambers of goodies that contain other stuff to help with play and personalise your character.

There are also stickers with each box to collect that are of each character.

There is a charm bracelet with a personalised charm related to the character personality and what they like.  

Their little items that can be played with the character for example painter has paint and a bucket so, therefore, feeds the personality of the character.

There is of course stickers as all kids love stickers

These are smaller boxes with five surprises inside.

* surprise figure.

* collectable card.

* stickers.

* charm.

* accessories.

My kids love to mix and match which is a good idea as then they can experiment and play how the like. Both my 6 and 8 years old enjoyed playing with the figures and incorporated them in play.

A big hit was opening the boxes and seeing what surprise they get in them.

I like the idea of the colouring in the box giving it another element of fun.

Overall, I think they are a fun toy and you can get lots of added extras so you don't get just stuck with one thing so keeps kids more entertained.

Cheers for reading X

I have gifted the Playmobil sets in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.