Sunday, 29 December 2019

100 of the best free things in life.

Hey readers, 

Sometimes life can be and we can forget to see the positives in life. So here are my 100 of the best free things in life that will make you smile.  

  1. A roof over your head 
  2. My health.
  3. A movie that makes you laugh. 
  4. First coffee of the morning.
  5. When my children say, 'I love you'. 
  6. A great joke.
  7. The smell of fresh grass. 
  8. Sunsets.
  9. The feeling you get when you fix something. 
  10. Colouring in books. 
  11. The kindness of strangers who I have never had. 
  12. Being outdoors. 
  13. The first signs of a new season.
  14. Your favourite comfort food. 
  15. When a bus driver waits that 10 seconds for you to run and catch up. 
  16. The moment when you can't control your laughter.
  17. Finding lost change. 
  18. When someone sees your hands are full and opens the door for you. 
  19. A good nights rest. 
  20.  Sunny winter days. 
  21.  Winning a game. 
  22.  Receiving something in the post. 
  23. The moment food comes to you at a restaurant. 
  24. When your favourite song comes on the radio at the right moment. 
  25. Chocolate. 
  26. A lie-in. 
  27. Hearing some good news.
  28. The freedom to vote. 
  29. Cups of tea. 
  30. Cameras to capture amazing moments.
  31. Waking up to the warm sunshine on you. 
  32. Having a nana nap. 
  33. Getting lost in a good book. 
  34. Cosy blankets.
  35. Getting home after a long day and putting your PJs are. 
  36. A hot bath. 
  37. Being a parent.
  38. When you accidentally get something for free. 
  39. A new book. 
  40. Feeling of acceptance. 
  41. A nice hot shower. 
  42. Mistakes that helped you be a better person. 
  43. A sunrise.
  44. Taking a morning walk. 
  45. Fuzzy socks. 
  46. Having easy access to clean, freshwater. 
  47. The smell of fresh clean sheets. 
  48. Freedom of speech. 
  49. The honesty of a child. 
  50. Spellchecker. 
  51. Old photographs. 
  52. Home-cooked meals. 
  53. The first flower of spring. 
  54. Happy memories of childhood. 
  55. The sound and smell of the sea. 
  56. Good hair days. 
  57. Having a picnic. 
  58. Feeling hope. 
  59. The perfect playlist. 
  60. Money in the bank.
  61. Free wifi. 
  62. Quiet time. 
  63. The smell of fresh-baked bread. 
  64. The billions of stars on a clear night. 
  65. Flying a kite. 
  66. Hearing good news. 
  67. Pets. 
  68. Learning from your mistakes.
  69. Opportunity to get an education. 
  70. Breathing fresh air. 
  71. Safety and security.
  72. Sunshine.
  73. Tears. 
  74. The wisdom that comes with age. 
  75. Jazz.
  76. The moon. 
  77. Modern medicine. 
  78. Warm clothing. 
  79. Living pain-free.
  80. Your imagination. 
  81. Nature.
  82. Unconditional love.
  83. Access to medication. 
  84. Forgiveness.
  85. Senses.
  86. Music.
  87. Rainy days. 
  88. A burning candle smell. 
  89. The smell of newborns. 
  90. Baby giggles.
  91. Watching children play and have fun. 
  92. Understanding that you can't control everything.
  93. Eating dessert first. 
  94. Organised drawers. 
  95. Singing. 
  96. Being motivated.
  97. Keyboard shortcuts.
  98. The library.
  99. Setting the high score on a game.
  100. Being barefoot on the sand. 
What free things are you thankful for? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Cheers for reading X 


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