Monday, 30 March 2020

10 best life tips

Hey readers,

As we get older hopefully we learn and grow insight to improve as a person. 

I myself have learnt some things along the way on my journey through life and I thought I would share some of my best life tips.

1. This lesson IS difficult but if you learn to not be angry and put blame on people you will lead a more fruitful life. Life is a b*tch and there are some God awful people out there. 

I have experienced a fair few. But, once I learn to let go of that anger and just accept it, life is much more pleasant. I don't forget the hurt by any stretch of the imagination. 

I just let go, untie it from my emotions. The more you hold on to the negative feels they will only fester and bring you down. The more that you don't allow it to influence you means you can enjoy life better.

2. I know people go on about enjoying every second and you should be enjoying it. However, let's face it life is not like that.

 Don't put these expectations on, just focus on not taking life too seriously, have a laugh and make happy memories.

3. I know it is cheesy with the whole idea of the power of positivity. I suffer depression but looking at one small thing a day no matter what it is can really help you. 

Even for example it is just getting out of bed or leaving the house, that is one step closer to helping yourself move forward.

4. Enjoy the outdoors and surround yourself with nature - it can really help physically and mentally. Plus it is free, so even if you have no money you can still go out and look at the trees.

5. If you can help people, karma and all that. Plus it is nice to just do something for someone.

6. Don't compare yourself to other people, remember that we are all on our own journey.

 You don't know what people are going through, you only see a section of that person especially if it is on social networks like Instagram. 

Never forget that comparison is the thieve of joy so instead of worrying about missing out, just focus on your self and what you are doing.

7. Write down goals - small or big get them down physically on the paper and see where you can make improvements. Small steps lead to better destinations. 

It can help if you are in a negative frame of mind to work on something that you can focus but also check in each month to see how far you have progressed. 

This can help make it feel more real and concrete giving you that well-earned boast that you deserve.

8. Make sure you get some sleep because it really does help give a clear mind to think.

9. If in doubt or you don't want to do something, do micro-tasks that lead to the bigger goal. This can help you feel less overwhelmed and in the long run, be more productive.

10. Make sure you are on top of your emails. Go through them each day and delete the unnecessary ones.

What life lessons have you learnt along the way of your journey?

Cheers for reading X


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