Monday, 2 March 2020

My top 25 frugal tips.

Hey readers,

I love to save money and being frugal is something I strive for in my life. So, if you like me and like to save some pounds then check out my top 25 frugal tips below. 

1. Only go to the supermarket twice a week.

2. Don't go to the supermarket when hungry.

3. Swap from branded items to supermarket own branded items.

4. Write a plan for food shopping and stick to it.

5. Use discount sites such as eBay or everything for five pounds.

6. Each week meal plans your meals.

7. Ask yourself before buying do you I really need this.

8. Try cheaper cut meats.

9. Wait 21 days before making a purchase on a big item such a TV. This will give you time to assess whether you need it or not.

10. Use something up before buying something that does the same job.

11. Use trials to get free temporary items such as Amazon Prime and Spotify. 

12. Check out the yellow sticker section of the supermarket, ost stuff is fine if you use it up immediately or freeze it. Saves a small fortune, especially as the supermarket, knocks off a lot when it is about an hour before the supermarket closes. 

13. Before going out buying something specific check out to find the best deal. 

14. If you have short journeys such as taking your children to school, ditch the car and walk. 

15. It will do you and your car the world of good. 

16. Buy second hand because it is more environmentally friendly and tends to be of good quality 90% of the time, checks out eBay or Facebook market to find some fab deals. 

17. Use a budget tracker to keep on top of your finances. 

18. Instead of buying a meal deal whilst at work for your lunch takes five to ten minutes the night before to knock up lunch for yourself, you will be saved so much money it is unreal.

19. Instead of buying coffee from coffee shops buy little sachets take them to work. You still get a treat but cuts the cost down a lot.

20. Shop for season stuff when it is at the end and being reduced, e.g Christmas items in January at knocked down prices.

21. Sometimes, when you are out and about in clothing shops you can forget how much stuff you own. That is why it is good to have a list of all the items you own and refresh your mind when out and about.

22. Rotate your wardrobe so clothes at the back get a chance to be seen and worn instead of instantly going for the easiest items to get hold of in the morning.

23. Check out your local library where there is an array of books and magazines you can read for free.

24. Check out websites like Groupon for cheap family days out.

25. When buying items online use Topcashback to get cashback for buying items on certain websites.

What are your favourite frugal tips? I love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Cheers for reading X 


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