Friday, 20 March 2020

Holiday packing tips.

Hey readers,

One thing when it comes to holidaying with a family is remembering that preparation is key. 

It is important to be prepared for all emergencies and planning is essential. 

So here are some of my tips to help with family packing that may be of benefit to you and your family to make a smooth experience.

1. Washbag.

With having a family on holiday, there will be a lot of dirty washing. However, you don't want to mix dirty clothing with clean clothing so a great tip to deal with this situation is to simply pack a spare bag to keep your dirty clothes in.

2. Spare clothes.

We all know young children especially get dirty easily it is a fact of childhood. So it is always a good idea to pack more clothes then necessary. As you do not want to stress about running out of clean clothes in the middle of the week because that is a nightmare believe me and you. Also, don't forget extra pants and socks as well.

3. Packing cube.

Although they are pricey at first they can be a good investment and keep your luggage organised when your away on holiday. The packing cubes come in sets of different square type fabric containers. 

They are great because they save space, you can divide different items into sections and not only clothing.

 Some items are just for travelling so you can keep them stored away in the cubes for a later date. This will save time next time around and you don't have to worry about losing items as they will be safe in the storage compartments. 

Such items that can be left for a later date are batteries, toiletries etc. Also with using cubes for clothing, they make an impromptu pillow if need be. 

4. Roll clothes.

A fab packing hack is to roll your clothes into your suitcases as these reduces space needed. You can pack more stuff into your suitcase which is always a win.

5. Medication. 

I find that it is easy to keep medication close by in your everyday bag or someone where you know it will be such as the inside pocket of the suitcase. 

6. Packing. 

Always best to keep heavy items at the bottom of your suitcase so they don't squish clothes and make them wrinkly because let's face it none has the time for ironing on holiday right?!

7. Outfit. 

To save stress with the travelling and getting used to the new routine one best tip I suggest is packing your first-day outfit at the top of your suitcase. This, therefore, means it is there ready there and waiting for the first day of your holiday. 

8. Washing powder.

A good product to buy for travelling is washing powder for the sink. 

This is brilliant in an emergency where something happens for whatever reason and you want a quick solution to get something clean. 

Well, you can place the item of clothing in the sink and hand wash your clothing. The washing powder stuff comes in a small bottle so handy for travelling with as it doesn't take too much space up.

What are your go-to packing tips that make your life easy? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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