Friday, 6 March 2020

Rubbish bits about motherhood.

Hey readers,

We all know there are wonderful parts of motherhood but also sometimes motherhood can sometimes feel a bit crap. So, here are the rubbish elements of motherhood and let's have good old rant shall we.

1. When kids make that hideous wingy noise especially when they are tired everything will bother them and cause so much distress, even simple things like do you want a drink or put your pyjamas on for bed. 

2. When siblings constant think it is funny to jump on one another or you if you dare lie down. 

3. Having to entertain children when it comes to imaginary play sucks because I am so crap at it and it is 100% harder when you are not good at something. 

4. The never-ending feeling of being tired, does it ever stop I wonder?

5. Nothing belongs to you anymore, when I say nothing I mean NOTHING. 

6. You lose a sense of direction with fashion etc, don't even ask what the number 1 is in the chart.

7. The relentlessness of it all.

8. Boredom... cause lets be frank here at times it can feel like GroundHog day especially when it is rubbish weather outside and you stuck in the four walls going slightly mad.

9. Everything takes a whole lot longer to do.

10. The pace of a child walking, honestly, you think they were a snail the rate they walk at especially when trying to get to school first thing in the morning. 

11. Having to blow their nose constantly.

12. Shit programmes you have to watch, I mean some examples Peppa Pig, Power Rangers and Shimmer and Shine to name a few, though the list could go on forever.

13. The constant squabbling between my two children, I literally have to be the referee and split them apart at times. 

14. Not being able to go to the toilet without one of my little darlings wanting to smash the down like they were part of MI5. 

15. Having a consistent alarm clock in the form of your child who wakes you up without fail EVERY.SINGLE. DAY without fail. 

16. You are excluded from that day once a year where you don't get an extra hour in bed but more like an extra a wake courtesy of kids not getting the memo that clocks go back means stay in bed.

17. The non-stop washing, even when you get to the end of it like magic another item appears. I think children have a secret sensory where they get a message to tell them that the laundry bin is empty, my theory anyway ;).

18. The never-ending walking around the home and saying who has left the light on? Whos left there cup here? Why is this sticky? 

What bits do you relate to? Have I missed anything off the list? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Cheers for reading X 


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