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Sunday, 12 May 2019

Reasons to love lego

Hey readers, 

I assume most people have heard of Lego which is a toy for children and adults. The idea is to follow the instructions and build an item made of Lego bricks such as say a car or a hospital. Lego is brilliant and I have listed the reasons below why you should check it out.

Fine motor skills.

Lego can be fiddly and tricky but with the time you can strength your fine motor skills. It is a skill to hold one brick and using the other hand to place the brick into its slot.  

It's ageless. 

The brilliant thing with Lego is that there is so much variety. There are different blocks and skills fro different ages. Lego is available for toddlers right up to adults. Therefore doesn't matter what age you can still get that buzz from building something spectacular. 

Patience and organisation skills.

With Lego, you need a lot of patience because it takes time to organise the pieces in colour because in my opinion the easiest way to follow Lego. Then the process of building the model takes time but you will be rewarded with latent satisfaction. 

Planning ahead.

This key with Lego is to be organised with planning ahead and getting the bricks in order. It is important to read the instructions and then have a go at putting the bricks in place. 

Teamwork and communication. 

Now with teamwork and communication, this only applies if your working with someone else. Each person needs to know what they are doing and what the plan is. Say one person gets the brick, whilst the person reads the instructions and builts. Communication is important when it comes to Lego. You have to talk to one another as you need to know what each person is doing so there is no confusion or arguments. 

Facing challenges. 

With Lego at times, it can be challenging you may not have the strength or struggle to identify the colour brick in the instruction manual or working out the diagram to which way the brick is facing. Sometimes, you get it wrong and only later that it isn't going right and you have to go back and redo. This is rewarding as it helps you learn I think via your mistakes and accepting that you know things go wrong. 


Lego can be tricky where you have to work out how to solve a problem. Sometimes you have to do trial and error and this teaches you how to come up with a solution through trying different scenarios. 

Spatial awareness.

Using Lego can help with improving spatial awareness by working out how mentally rotating objects and planning how bricks will be placed before building can help understand where to place the bricks. 


Finally, the best part of Lego is the reward you get for all the effort and time you put into building into making the Lego item to then be able to tangibly see it at the end and know you have created that design through the Lego instructions. 

Do you like Lego? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. 

Cheers for reading X 

Sunday, 20 January 2019

My Sunday Photo 20/01/2019