Monday, 29 April 2019

A to Z of autism

Hey readers,

As an autistic person and a lover of the A to Z post I thought I would combine the two and see what I would come up goes!

A - Autism obvs!
B - Biological family members are linked to autism as well associated with me. 
C - Communication is somewhat a struggle. 
D - you can still manage in life even with a diagnosis
E - Elopment where I just leave without telling anyone or letting my husband where I am going. 
F - Focus is strong when I am obsessed with a topic.
G - Girls have autism too!!!!
H - Hypoactivity occurs most nights.
I - More information needs to be made aware of adults who have autism.
J -  An autistic person likes things just so. 
K - Keep things consistent.
L - Language is difficult whether it is non - verbal or verbal it is hard to know how to get it to acceptable levels at times.
M - Meltdown because I have had a fair share of them.
N - Neurotypicals need to be said because we have to abide by there rules.
O - Overwhelmed in most cases. 
P - Patterns are comforting.
Q - Quiet helps calm me down.
R - Routine is worshipped. 
S - Sensory over or under it will be there somewhere.
T - Tired because it is hard work trying to remember all these rules. 
U - If I am not overwhelmed then I am underwhelmed and it is hard work trying to get the right balance of stimuli. 
V - Vocal in terms of speech where I don't know my volume, can either really loud or quiet as a mouse. 
W - Worry seems to make an appearance often in my autistic world.
X  - Fragile X is a close relative of autism. 
Y - You are not less with autism.
Z - Zoloft medication helps my obsessive nature.

Cheers for reading X  


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