Me and sweat

Hey readers,

If you haven't noticed it is getting hotter and with someone who is fat, the problem with sweating makes an appearance.

I know this may be too much information for some people but this is my life and sometimes it isn't pretty, however, I think some people can relate to this topic.

So as we heading for more high temperatures now and the sun gets hotter there comes a time when your body wants to help you cool. How does it doe this? by sweating naturally. Therefore, sweating does have a purpose but still dame right annoying!

I like dresses and skirts and to wear them with bare legs **oo la la**. However, I can't be walking about in the sunshine for too long as I get this thing called chub rub. This is when my thighs sweat so much that it rubs and it is really bloody uncomfortable actually!

I hate the sensation of my palms sweating so much I am frequently having to wash the sweet of my hands. Of course, I always carry a handy sized bottle of antibacterial hand gel with me to help give my hands cool feel.

Another symptom is feeling exhausted because the heat is hard work to get motivation and worse still at night it is too hot to sleep. This makes me ratty and quite moody at times because I am miserable when I don't have enough sleep.

I hate feeling sweating especially when it so humid and sticky - you literally have to pull off your clothes. I have to multiple showers a day to clear that sticky hot feeling that comes across my body when I have been out in the sun. 

Not to mention that sweating gets on my nerves and makes me a moody bugger to be around. Yes, I do complain but I am British after all.

If I had to choose between sweating and freezing I definitely would opt for freezing my ass off to be perfectly honest with you. At least you can put more layers on but with the heat apart from standing in a cold shower hard shift that uncomfortable feeling.  

Do you hate sweating as much as I do? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. 

Cheers for reading X 


  1. Well . . . I have a tendency to be chilly, but solve the problem by wearing layers. Of course, I live in coastal Maine where we have SO few hot days that when they do come around, I sort of enjoy the experience of being too hot.

  2. I had to laugh when I read the part about "chub rub"! How many times have I chafed when I run during hot weather because of chub rub? I have to buy anti-chafing stuff and apply it to the inside of my thighs! :D

    1. Yes i need plenty of anti chaffing cream lol

  3. I admit I am also less than comfortable when it is hot ... it's why I love the seasons, and could not imagine moving to a hotter country ... especially one with high humidity!  #ABitOfEverything

  4. back from #BloggerClubUK!! Enda from

  5. I am like you but also have the added problem of the menopause and the hot sweats that brings along with it Monday Morning Blogger Club

  6. Oh gosh I have that joy to come X