Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Apps I use everyday

Hey readers, 

Today I thought I would share with you my top 10 apps that I use every day, if you are like me and love a noisy then this post is for. 

1. Pinterest

Kicking off with firstly with Pinterest, such a great place to share my content from my youtube and blog channels, not only that but great for finding inspiration on a whole host of ideas. I also am attracted to this app as it is a visual base.

2. Facebook. 

If I am honest with you I only use Facebook for finding details about blog opportunities and blog support otherwise I would delete this app as I don't algorithm and definitely not what it was when it was in its heyday. 

3. Twitter.

I love a bit of Twitter especially when I am watching a live programme and you can look under the hashtag and see other peoples thoughts, I think this is a really fun way of viewing programmes. I find it also helpful for me as an autistic to look and see other peoples experiences on their journey with autism. It makes me feel less isolated even though I don't know these people, to know that you don't feel alone is comforting, to say the least. 

4. Google. 

Let's face first port of call for asking questions from finding a certain come dine with me an episode to trying to find out when McDonald's sell milkshake from. Yes, I have done both these searches recently, lol. 

5. Youtube.

YouTube the hub of entertainment - well for me anyway it is mostly where I watch something. There are documentaries, vlogs, music, interviews, how-tos, it is quite frankly amazing what you can find nowadays on YouTube. 

6. Facebook.

I know niches are all the rage now and again like Facebook all about the algorithm. That being said I still enjoy Instagram, I just which it was in the right order plus so many great memes which let's be honest saves lives. 

7. Shopmium.

If you like free sh*t (hell yeah) then check this app out as you can buy items from the list of available products, scan the receipt in and get the money back, sometimes all of it and others it will be a percentage. One of the best frugal apps out there in my option. 

8. O2 Moments.

Again, another money-related app and I am on 02, therefore, can apply for the rewards such as a free hot drink on a Wednesday from Cafe Nero, yes, please. 

9. Gmail. 

Got to check out all the emails from pr companies emails of junk companies, else they do build up and that is a ball ache to sort out in the long term. So once a day check on emails and clear out the rubbish. 

10. Sarcasm Quotes. 

Finally a fun little app with memes and funny photos to put a smile on your face. 

What apps do you like using? Any on my list that you also enjoy? Love to hear your thoughts. 

Cheers for reading X 


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