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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

10 reasons why i love carbs

Hey readers,

Is it just me or over recent years carbohydrates are frowned upon. In some cases, some people even fear them due to this myth that carbs make you put on at least 3 stone if you dare eat a portion of mashed potato or a bowl of pasta.

So, instead of fearing carbs in this post I am going to tell you reasons why you need carbs in your life. I have selected my top 10 reasons why I love carbs.

1. Exercise

 Carbohydrates are good because they provide energy which is fantastic especially if you want to do exercise. 
Nothing is worse when you have a plummet in low energy. I for one have experienced this and it has led actually to me to binge eat which then turns into a cycle of self-sabotage.

2.  Delicious.

I eat carbohydrate because of the simple fact that they are delicious. I think is whenever it comes to food is moderation is must and it is ok to have carbs as part of a healthy diet.

3. Lose Weight. 

 It is funny because actually, carbs can help you lose weight if you eat the right carbs correctly such as brown bread, pasta, and bread along with vegetables and nuts.

4. Full up.

 Carbohydrates fill you up and leave you filling fuller for longer.

5. Type 2 Diabetes. 

Carbohydrates control your blood sugar level and help reduce the risk of getting type 2 diabetes therefore even more reason to tuck into them and enjoy. 

6. Diet. 

 I have in the past tried out the Atkins diet but in all honesty, it made me feel super miserable. I  just love carbs and what is even better is carbs makes me feel so good. So, now I am not going to sacrifice them to lose a few pounds. I would rather be fat and happy any day of the week. 

7. Versatile. 

 Carbs are so versatile that you can fry them, boil mash, grill and even oven cook them. This makes cooking with carbs so appealing to use them when adding to meals to make them interesting. 

8. Brain Fuel. 

Carbs provide fuel and brain power so key to helping if your studying and need help to working out information out.

9.  Full up. 

Carbs name your belly feel happy as they provide fibre which helps keep the bowels moving and lower the chances of constipation. The focus should be on using wholemeal grains as they have the best qualities in the food and better for your digestive health. 

10.  Vitamins. 

Wholegrain carbs provide vitamins such as vitamin B and iron which helps with keeping the blood flowing around in your body. Also, carbs help with keeping your immune system strong therefore fighting off any germs and keeping your body healthy.

Do you love carbs?  Or are you scared to even look at them? Love to hear your thoughts below.

Cheers for reading X

Sunday, 30 September 2018

Review of the Biscuit Baron *AD*

Hey readers,


There are so many different subscriptions to chose from if want to see something exciting in the post every month. However, have you heard of The Biscuit Baron, well if not let me tell you it is something little bit different.

The biscuit Baron is a subscription box that provides biscuits from different countries every month. The company knows that biscuits are a love for British people and they want to explore further with how different countries like their biscuits.

What does the subscription box contain?

* 5-8 full-size packets of biscuits (with one savoury option included).

* A score chart to rate each biscuit on a scale from 1-10, a great activity to do with family or friends.

* A fact sheet with information from the country and a little bit of history.


There are several opinions you can just from a one-off plan with no renewal to 1,3,6 or 12-month subscription plan. Subscription boxes start from £15 per box, coming down to £13.33 for long-term plans and that includes the delivery in that price as well.

My verdict.

At first, I thought it was a bit expensive but then I thought of other subscription boxes and what you get in them (some of the miniature items) this was good value. I received five items and them full size as well so I thought it was a great way to try out new foods from different countries with a twist.

I like the fact that you get some new information from the country and I really had great fun scoring the biscuits on the chart with the family.

I liked the different varieties so you got a mix including savoury. My children got to try something new and learn something about the country of Italia.

They would make a fun Christmas present and something different for someone to try.

This is what the box looks like with all the items included in the Italian box.


Ringo Cookies.

A cookie that is a two-toned biscuit with a creamy filling that is packed full of energy but not too heavy. Brilliant texture for dunking and would make a great afternoon snack after school.

Testing out the duckability and get 100% Perfetto!

I think these biscuits were popular, the taste was beautiful with the lemon flavour and the texture was soft and crumbly, beautiful!


Biscuit galore!

Pan Di Stelle.

These biscuits are a cute design. Pan Di Stelle translates to Starry Bread. They go really well with a glass of milk because they taste of cocoa and hazelnut and a chocolate pastry.


Millefoglie is a multilayered pastry with a sweet topping, funny enough it works really well dunking in a glass of milk and when dunked keeps the firmness without breaking apart.

Taralli Pizza Style.

These are the savoury item. They are small ring-shaped products with twisted ends typical for the southern regions.

 They had a lovely herby flavour though for me personally a bit too salty for my tastes. That being said my boys absolutely loved them.


These biscuits are beautiful in flavour with the almond and have a lovely firm texture to them. They go perfectly with a perfect with a coffee.

Finally here is what the rating card for the biscuits below.


Cheers for reading X

I have gifted a subscription box in exchange for a review. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own

Sunday, 8 July 2018

My Sunday Photo 08/07/2018