Hey readers, 

This week I have felt HAPPY!

This is because I just have got loads done and having the energy to do something has put me in a good mood. 

I had a lovely weekend with the boys and my eldest was much calmer compared to some weekends where is very anxious (loads of different reasons why). 

We enjoyed a spot of baking, went to the local park and just had a nice time without too many squabbles. Makes a big difference where there is more of a chilled vibe. 

I have also enjoyed the return of the sunshine of course and it has helped lift my mood. I found watching the new Louis Theroux documentary moving like someone who suffers from mental health issues along with parenting knows how tough it is. 

So, yeah I am rather happy and just enjoying the moment which often doesn't always come easy to me. 

Cheers for reading X 


  1. Good to hear you had a Happy week! #WordOfTheWeek

  2. Sunshine makes a lot of difference. You sound like you've had a good week. Full of happy moments. Hope next week is more of the same. #wotw

  3. How wonderful! What a positive post! It sounds like you've had a great week. I'm glad you are happy.
    The sunshine really helps to lift my mood too!

  4. That's awesome! Happy is good x

  5. That's great to hear ! the sunshine always makes me feel better and a lot more motivated x

  6. Great word, I'm so happy that you're so happy (that's actually a line from a song by Travis called Happy!) Thanks for linking up to #wotw

  7. Happy is such a lovely word for the week. Having a productive week always lifts my mood too as does the sunshine. I'm glad it's been a good week for you :-) #WotW

    1. Thanks louie yes sunshine is good for the soul X

  8. Aww that is the best work. Hope it lifts your mood xx #wotw

  9. The sunshine always helps doesn't it!!!Sounds like a lovely week x #wotw