10 reasons to do a staycation.

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Have you heard of this buzzword that is flying around called staycation if not it then the term means to choose to stay where you live or travel in your own country as appose to going on holiday abroad. Down below I have given 10 reasons why you should consider a staycation. 

1  Greener. 

Opting to chose to have a staycation is greenery because you are not traveling by airplane can contribute to the air emissions and using more than 4 months of driving just in one flight. 

2. Stress.

Of course, opting to stay in your own country means less stress with not having travel, going somewhere that is foreign speaking and trying to communicate and generally navigating around a country that you are not familiar with. It is so much easy staying local because you know where you are and less stress travellin. 

3. Local attractions. 

Staying locally is a fantastic opportunity to check out somewhere new that you haven't been locally and it also helps local businesses as your putting the money into the local economy which will benefit businesses and services greatly. 

4. No plan. 

If you stay locally where you are familiar then you don't have to plan ahead. You can be spontaneous and it won't take a long time to get there as you are more likely to know where you are going.

5. Save money.

Because you can save money on staying locally you don't have to pay for accommodation, travel flights and the like means it is a great chance to save some money which is always a winner.

6. Tourist. 

You don't have to go anywhere special to be a tourist as you can be your own tourist in your own city and check out what the local attractions are. You may even surprise yourself by finding something new that you haven't heard or tried out yet. 

7. Relaxing. 

When you stay local it means your relaxed as you have less stress from traveling to another country, For instance, you don't have to wait in massive ques, or finding your way to your hotel in a new country. It all adds to additional stress whereas staying in your home or traveling not far means you can relax and have not much to worry about compared to somewhere new or in a different country where it is different to what you are used to. 

8. Time.

 You don't have to go long holidays it can be a day out because even though holidays are meant to be relaxing going away say for two weeks is a long time it can be exhausting doing things constantly where if your at home you can relax more and not feel as much pressure to constantly go, go, go. 

9. Packing.

Of course one the best elements of a staycation is not having to pack and make sure that your suitcase is the right weight with all the things you need.

10. Family/friends. 

Having a staycation means it allows you to incorporate if you wish to see friends and family.

What do you think about a staycation? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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  1. Definitely a lot of advantages there ... maye we will do the foreign vacation AND have s short staycation afterwards, to recover! #DreamTeam

  2. Popping back from another linky #dreamteam@_karendennis

  3. I love staycations! I take my kids on many outings throughout the year close to home. Although, I won't lie, I yearn to take them on longer vacations! These are all good reasons for doing staycations! #TwinklyTuesday

  4. I have so much of my own country to see, I'd rather do that and contribute to my local economy than any beach holiday abroad

  5. Living in Dubai, staycations are easy for me to achieve and a good way of finding out more about the place you live #pocolo

  6. I'm a big fan of a staycation. There's so much I want to see. #twinklytuesday

  7. Money is the big one but I also found when my daughter was little that keeping her routine as close to normal as possible helped keep everybody less cranky #thatfridaylinky

  8. I think staycations are such a great idea. A fab way of saving a bit of money. Being a tourist where you live is a lot of fun too x #MMBC

  9. I do think we too often don't enjoy our own city because we are too busy and tend to holiday elsewhere. I have tried a staycation but I just can't relax the same in my own home as I just feel the need to still do what we always do and the cleaning is hard to ignore compared to when you are staying somewhere else. So I like to actually do a staycation and stay in Melbourne, it still works out cheaper as no travel cost, but I still have to pay accomodation, but its a great way to teach the kids about all the wonderful things Melbourne has to offer! Thanks for linking up #ABloggingGoodTime