Friday, 24 May 2019


Hey readers,

My word of the week is:

I don't know what happened over the weekend but I was bone tired and my body felt exhausted.

 I believe this is a time that I should listen to my body and take a res. This is because I think I had overdone it the past few days beforehand with anxiety and suchlike.

In other news, the boys did a Beaver sponsored walk and they walked over 5 miles and they raised a lot of money for Beavers. I was really proud of them and what they had achieved.

I had a lovely time on Sunday evening cuddling my eldest and taking it in turns to read Fantastic Mr Fox. 

Which sometimes is hard to get my eldest motivated to read so that was rather lovely because he was quite relaxed as well.

Both my boys also have been loving their new panda soft onesies and I am rather envious of them as I too would love to have one.

Hope, you have had a good week.
Cheers for reading X


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