Tuesday, 28 May 2019

We Love Dates **AD**

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In this modern age, it is more common to meet people through the internet. Dating online is so convenient when we are living in a busy world and meeting people especially as an adult can be tough so that is why free dating sites are the way forward. 

The beauty with internet dating is it allows you to have access to a more diverse range of people that may tickle your interest. The world is your oyster especially when it comes to online dating. 

What is better than online dating having a platform that is free and doesn't cost you anything and allowing you the opportunity to meet new people.  

We love dates is a brilliant WeLoveDates to check out if you want an easy way to meet new people. However, there is more to these dating sites as there are people who work at We Love Dates who can help match you up to the right person best for your needs and desires. 

Now as I sit here and consider what I would do if I would choose to be a professional matchmaker I would think about getting the right two people to connect with. 

I would not focus on perfection because we all know that doesn't exist. Sometimes you hit a hard rock in the journey of dating. I feel it is important to know that it is ok and to encourage the individual to stick at it even though they want to quit. 

Sometimes you have to take make mistakes to find the right person for you. It is a little known fact that mistakes are the best way of learning. 

I think when it comes to matchmaking you may think too much about the chemistry between two people but sometimes you just have to do it like Nike would say.

This is because if you don't test out you don't know where the baseline is. You will never know what success is if you don't try. At least if mistakes happen when dating you can learn and move forward with your journey. Just remember that a diamond doesn't start of polished and you need to work hard to reap the reward at a later date. 

I think to be a matchmaker takes a lot of dedication and you might know the individual you are helping more than my own partner. 

This is because of the lengths that I would go to make sure that the individual has the best chance to catch the right fish for them. 

It would be a big commitment to be a matchmaker because you need to get to know the individual. 

It is like a cheap therapy session potentially for the matchmaker and client especially if the individual has trauma from past experiences. 

They may naturally have anxiety especially with vanity apps such as Tinder. It can be hard so you have to learn to build the confidence of the person so that they can go forth and date. 

I think having a sense of humour and not taking the situation too seriously when being a matchmaker helps. 

This theory would help therefore ease the client and be more open with you about their needs and desires. 

I think having an open and honest communication when it comes to dating is key to get the best results for the individual.

I imagine that being a matchmaker is time-consuming and the key is being there for the client.

 Hey, you never know spending more time with a client can be more refreshing than having to listen to a boring chat with my husband. 
It would be almost like I am having an affair minus the sexual element. I would have to get to know the client well and make sure I was their personal Godmother being there for them through the roller coaster ride of the dating game. 

It is vital I imagine if I was a matchmaker being reliable for the person seeking love so that they know that they could trust me with their fate and happiness.

 I think if I had success with matchmaking it would make me feel like I am buzzing because I got a match right and I contributed to not just one but two peoples happiness and future.

It is a big commitment in which a big part of helping with this one wish that the person has in wanting to find that one special person in their life.

 I feel that matchmaking is a unique kind of job opportunity that can be challenging and rewarding in good measure and I am sure along the line I would also learn a lot about myself on the job.

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This is an ad for We Love Dates. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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