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Wednesday, 19 August 2020

I hate the term girl gang.

Hey readers,

There is this term knocking about on the internet called GIRL GANG and I hate it with a passion. 

Let me tell you why, well for a start I don't need people to help me. Nor do the idea that I am somehow being supported primarily because I am female. 

It is really not important to me to be liked because I am a girl and as sickly as it sounds I like a person because of who they are and not because they have a vagina.

I don't want to be an arse licker and you get that sense with this whole phenomenon of the term girl gang. 

I chose who I like and some girls quite frankly are twats whereas others are my idols and vice versa with males too.

I don't belong in gangs, it gives a sense of threatening feel as part of a mob and I don't believe in ganging up on people to like you or others.

The whole term of the gang is condescending anyway like we are not allowed to be called women because they are too hostile. 

That is what we are and we should celebrate it. But also we don't need to have to push our gender out there surely, shouldn't we just forget about that and celebrate the actual person.

There are all these kind of ideas of the people in a girl gang whereas if it is men they don't go on about their gender but merely just get to the point. 

Which is what is much more attractive. Some great women are not bold and assertive that doesn't make them less of a female and any less of a reason to celebrate them.

 You only get a certain type of person in these gangs but there is so much more to a person than a title.

I class myself as a feminist in the sense that everyone should have equal opportunities regardless of your gender. 

It should be fair and not sticking silly labels to an idea of empowering others when really all you are doing is excluding others. I

If you want help then cut the sectioning off and let's just celebrate people regardless of whether they have a vagina or not and see them as a person in their own right.

What is your take on the term girl gang? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X
Musings Of A Tired Mummy

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Me and sweat

Hey readers,

If you haven't noticed it is getting hotter and with someone who is fat, the problem with sweating makes an appearance.

I know this may be too much information for some people but this is my life and sometimes it isn't pretty, however, I think some people can relate to this topic.

So as we heading for more high temperatures now and the sun gets hotter there comes a time when your body wants to help you cool. How does it doe this? by sweating naturally. Therefore, sweating does have a purpose but still dame right annoying!

I like dresses and skirts and to wear them with bare legs **oo la la**. However, I can't be walking about in the sunshine for too long as I get this thing called chub rub. This is when my thighs sweat so much that it rubs and it is really bloody uncomfortable actually!

I hate the sensation of my palms sweating so much I am frequently having to wash the sweet of my hands. Of course, I always carry a handy sized bottle of antibacterial hand gel with me to help give my hands cool feel.

Another symptom is feeling exhausted because the heat is hard work to get motivation and worse still at night it is too hot to sleep. This makes me ratty and quite moody at times because I am miserable when I don't have enough sleep.

I hate feeling sweating especially when it so humid and sticky - you literally have to pull off your clothes. I have to multiple showers a day to clear that sticky hot feeling that comes across my body when I have been out in the sun. 

Not to mention that sweating gets on my nerves and makes me a moody bugger to be around. Yes, I do complain but I am British after all.

If I had to choose between sweating and freezing I definitely would opt for freezing my ass off to be perfectly honest with you. At least you can put more layers on but with the heat apart from standing in a cold shower hard shift that uncomfortable feeling.  

Do you hate sweating as much as I do? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. 

Cheers for reading X 

Monday, 4 February 2019

10 things that suck about Facebook.

Hey readers,

I hate Facebook, don't get me wrong Facebook has a place, for instance, I like the selling pages and promoting my blog. However, there are some things on Facebook that really gets on my goat, so let me share them with.

1) the first one involves the selling pages when you're scrolling through what people are selling and the price is free and then you go into the description of the item and it says to make an offer. To me, this is misleading as you think it is one thing and it turns out it is something completely different. I would much prefer it to be free or have a price tag, know where you stand.

 frustrated fuck my life head desk bang head GIF

2) Facebook friends that promote pyramid schemes such as Younique beauty products. I don't want your spam on my timeline with the advertisement for this scheme nor do I want your request to buy a £23 mascara, enough said.

3) The need to portray a false perception of life where everything is Rose-tinted and perfect. This can make you feel crap when you're at home and your life is nowhere near as beautiful as their false perception. I believe that this is not healthy just to constantly see the positive, you got to have the Ying with the yang.

Cheezburger facebook memes social media sad but true GIF

4) When people statues are cryptic with messages about having enough or can't coping anymore and then when someone asks why they say oh it's nothing don't worry about it. reeks of attention seeking behaviour so don't bother or if you want to talk to someone in private then direct message them.

5) The constant gamers requests, I do not want to help you harvest your field in FarmVille. I will not change my mind even on the 5000th time.

weinventyou animation facebook animated gif social media GIF

6) When you get friends to request from Rita, Sue and Bob who you haven't heard from for 20 years, suddenly decide to want to be your friends on Facebook, thank you but no keep your sticky beak out of it.

7) Over the years Facebook has changed. Facebook now appears to focus on commercial ads or sponsored content and it's just something that's not appealing to me. If I wanted to shop I would go and hunt for something, I don't need any recommendations.

 facebook crying cry thailand annoying GIF

8) Now I know there is Pinterest which is the modern time waster but Facebook still has a place in this role. You can lose valuable time getting lost in random stuff.

9) The fact that Facebook app uses so much RAM and kills your battery and you need another app for Facebook Messenger.

10) I have questions about how much power Facebook has over data and how they store in that information.

Cheers for reading X

Sunday, 6 January 2019

my biggest pet peeves

Hey readers,

This post is going to be a rant about all the little things that niggle me and that wish I could just ban them from happening.

Loud cheers.

chips close colors crisps
My biggest pet peeve ever is when people eat loudly, especially with food like crisps on a bus where I can not escape. Or if I am at the library on a computer writing blog posts and all I can hear is the loudly chomping, it infuriates me beyond belief.

Husband snoring.

When my husband snores so frigging loudly and even if I push him in the back he seems to be unresponsive. It is SO loud and I literally just stare at the ceiling causing my husband under my breathe.

Being late.

I hate being late it sets off my anxiety. I would rather be early and wait then fear of being on the spot and the attention on me. I have social anxiety and it is one of my biggest fears. Ironically my husband is much more laid back then me and happens to 99.9% cutting it fine to get to places.

Slow walkers.

You know them types the people that walk ridiculously slow in front of you and then they have the check to move about when you try to pass them and hurry alone. It is like they have eyes in the pack of their heads or something.

Line cutters.

germany kiosk line lunch

You know the people that think the rules don't apply to them and feel that they can do as they please and skin in the line regardless of anyone else who has taken ages waiting.

Kids talking over you.

Bloody kids talking over you when you are mid-sentence and then they shout so no one knows what is happening or what to do next as you lose your train of thought.

Car indicators.

Why do we have indicators in cars to show others what they are planning to do on the road not only for car drivers but also pedestrians who want to cross the road say? We may as well get rid of them and live in chaos.


When people take a handful of napkins from an eatery and they intend to use only one. What a waste and why did they need to take a handful why not one.

Dog poop.

You are walking somewhere and you spot a dog having a poo and the owner than with no care in the world not bother to clean up after them, absolutely disgusting and no respect for others at all.

Car park spaces.

mercedes benz parked in a row

When people take up to car spaces when they clearly use one but are just selfish and don't think of others.

Loud noise.

When people purposely whack up the volume of the phone and blast their music on public transport and don't bother to even have headphones. They just don't care for the fact that maybe not everyone wants to listen to your rubbish music.

What pet peeves rile you up the wrong way?

Cheers for reading X