Monday, 11 March 2019

Reasons to have a Fitbit.

Hey readers,

You probably have heard of a Fitbit but if you haven't then a Fitbit is basically a digital step counter. 

However, there are more additions to the Fitbit such as tracking your sleep, encourage you do more exercise and on the app, you can keep a  record of how you have been doing over a long period of time.

Why should you have a Fitbit? 

1. Track.

Wearing a Fitbit all day means you can monitor how many steps you are doing and because you can visually see the number it is a great motivator to keep on stepping on. 
Since buying a Fitbit I have increased my step count each day because I can visually see it and it spurs me to keep ongoing.

2. Competition. 

A fun element of owning a Fitbit is that on the app you can invite friends to encourage you and compete with one another to be the one to have the most steps that day.

Alongside using the Fitbit as a step counter you can gain badges when you reach certain milestones. An example of this would be the urban boot badge where once you have reached the first 5000 steps you will be rewarded.

In total there are over 100 badges that you can achieve. The difficulty varies from the start where it is fairly easy right too the really difficult ones such as climbing the 700 stairs in a day. 
In psychology, it is said that it is much better to start off with goals that are small, measurable, achievable, realistic and have a target. If you start off small you grew in confidence and it will over longer period give you the stamina to stick out the exercise regularly.

You can also show the badges you have earned on social media for friends to see. Which again is a  great motivator to keep going as you can physically see the achievements have occurred whilst using a Fitbit. 

3. Customer Service. 

When reviewing Fitbit online and reading peoples experience of owning a Fitbit and dealing with customer service overall it has been positive. Fitbit is very responsive and helpful if you have a problem with your Fitbit.

4. Water-resistant. 

All Fitbits are water-resistant in the sense that they are rainproof and splash-proof and can deal with a sweaty workout if you so wish. Bear in mind though they don't recommend showering, swimming or washing up. But don't worry because it is easy to put the Fitbit on and off. 

5. Fun. 

I personally think Fitbit is fun with the graphs, the buzz when you have achieved 10,000 in the day and the badges. There are even realistic workouts that can easily do in 10 minutes to help build up your fitness level on the Fitbit app, and yes doing exercise does get recorded. Generally, you feel good when you see the results and it is tangible so it is much real to believe. 

I definitely would recommend a Fitbit if you want to get motivated and feel inspired to exercise. You don't even have to buy a brand spanking new, Fitbit. I picked up a fab Fitbit off eBay for less than 20 quid and was only used once. So, there is available depending on your budget. 

Do you use a Fitbit? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. 

Cheers for reading X 

Sunday, 10 March 2019

My Sunday photo 10/03/2019

Saturday, 9 March 2019

10 quiet acitivies to do with children

Hey readers, 

You may be looking for some quiet activities to do at home with the children then you have come to the right place as I have 10 fantastic ones for you to feast your eyes on. 

1. Colouring in. 

I love colouring in with the children as I am not very good at imaginary play due to being autistic and just can't think outside of the box as it were. That is why colouring is a great activity because not only do the boys enjoy it but so do.

 It also great bonding activity to do with children and because they are concentrating on the colouring means they are quiet for a minute or two. 

2. Movie. 

A brilliant thing to do when you want a quiet day with your children is to put on a DVD on and maybe have some popcorn. I like blankets because you can snuggle down. My boys like the blinds down to make the room dark because they say it is like going to the cinema. 

3. Reading.

Now my 7 year loves reading by himself so what happens is he sits next to me whilst I read my book. Normally under my quilt with the heated blanket on as it makes us feel cosy and it is really nice to do something together but separate. I think one of the reasons is because he loves being like mummy.

 Alternatively, my 5-year-old likes grabbing interactive books and we sit together and read through it. 

4. Lego.

Lego is brilliant for kids to play with as it gives them something to focus on, build and learn. 

5. Threading. 

 A simple activity you can do at home is getting some beads and thread them through a pipe cleaner. This activity is great to help children improve coordination with their eyes and hands. 

6. Play-Doh. 

Play-doh is fun in making shapes or objects. It is great to tap into children's imagination. Using play-doh helps with fine motor skills such as cutting the play-doh up and using muscles in the hands to flatten, roll, poke etc. 

7. Board games.

Playing games such as Snakes and Ladders or shopping list are a hit for my 5 and 7-year-old. It is a fun way to have family time and also teaches little ones about taking turns.

8. Building a den. 

Building a den doesn't have to be fancy you can just through some throws over a chair or sofa but my kids love it and have so much fun coming in and out. 

They also love the fact the den is super dark and taking their torches in is a lot of joy for them. 

9. Yoga kids. 

Type into Youtube Yoga kids and there are some brilliant videos that you can play in your living room and the kids just love joining. 
The videos on Youtube are really good at making the kids based yoga-friendly, fun and not too complicated to do. 

10. Cupcakes.

Kids love helping so why not have a go out making pitta pizza or rice crispies cakes - I even have done a recipe on the blog here

What quiet activities do you with your children?

Cheers for reading X  

Friday, 8 March 2019

7 positive qualities a autistic person has.

Hey readers, 

Going say it again I'm autistic and I like repetition ;) Anyhow I thought as a place to come back to when I feel a bit crap about myself and my disability to remind myself it is good in autism. Yes, it can be a pain in the arse but with everything, there is a Ying to the yang. Please note that everyone is different in the spectrum and some things you may agree but you may also disagree. But this is my personal take on how autism affects.

 Here goes:

1) I am very black and white thinking and though some things don't come naturally to me. You can guarantee that if you ask me to do the washing up more often then I will automatically do as requested. I am very conscientious and will do some things in a split second.

2) I am an autistic parent and though again a lot of natural skills I am not blessed with. That said it does not mean that I cannot learn and adapt. I am also at times harder working parent as I am aware of the lack of qualities and try to accommodate them. An example of this is when I first became a parent I could not say, "I love you" to my son. I worked with worker and husband and over time it is something that I do unconsciously now. It was not easy and it took a long time but it can be done with the right support and knowledge. 

3) I love routine and so do children. Which is perfect for my children as they know what to expect and they can feel safe knowing what is happening.

4) There is this idea that autistic people are humourless. I can tell my friends that is BULLSHIT! Autism I feel in the press and research gets a hard deal. It's either one extreme or other and that is not true either. Yes, some cases it happens but a lot are floaters and can have variations a lot more than just two types of profiles.

 I have a sense of humour, I particularly dark and sarcastic one at that. I love sarcasm and I love comedy. I love laughing so there you go stereotypes. 

5) Autistic people are passionate and can spend a long time on their hobbies. They take the time to care and work hard for what they feel passionate about. 

6) Autistic people can show affection, not always in a conventional way but they do it their way. Which I believe makes it more authentic and true to them. There are more depth and feeling there. It might not be a physical thing and can be a practical thing but the thought is there and how we go about it means working our arses to do it.

7) Autistic people tend to not care what people look like and are more accepting of an individual.

Cheers for reading X 

Thursday, 7 March 2019

10 supermarket hacks

Hey readers,

Going shopping can be costly when you go with no plan and impulses kick in. We all want to save money so I have put together some tips on how to save money whilst going to do your supermarket shop.

1. List.

writing notes idea class

The first hack would probably be the most important one and that is to write a list prior to going shopping. It is important to stick to your list and do not buy extra things at the supermarket that you do not need. 

By writing down a list you already have a pre-understanding of what you want so you are prepared to get it and get out. You don't have to waste time looking for things and decided because you already have the plan in place.

2. Brands.

Instead of buying branded items swap to supermarkets own version because at the end of the day most of the time you are paying for the name. Don't be put off by supermarkets own food because it can be just as good but half the price.

3. Stomach.

Make sure when you do go shopping that you don't go on an empty stomach as this will make you want to buy something on an impulse which intern means wasting money.

4. Online.

Image result for my supermarket app

Check online for supermarket vouchers or offers, preparation is key. A really good app to download is my supermarket where you can search for a product and compare the prices of the different supermarkets to get the cheapest deal.

5. Supermarkets.

A brilliant way to reduce your supermarket shopping is a swap from the main supermarket to a more budget-friendly one such as Aldi or Lidl.
 You will be amazed at how much you save but do be careful when going down the middle aisle as we all know the delights there.

6. Supermarket deals.

You may think when it comes to a supermarket deal where you can buy 3 items for 2 or BOGOF (buy one get one free) you are saving money. Firstly you have to ask yourself do you really need this and if so work out the maths because sometimes it can cost more then actually buying the item singularly.

7. Vegetarian.

woman carrying basket of fruits and vegetables

Try having meals without meat a couple of times a week can save you money as meat is expensive. There are plenty of delicious recipes that don't need meat so don't be put off and give it a try you might be amazed.

8. Pre-made items.

Save money on buying pre-made items such as vegetables, buying it pre-chopped could cost you more. Also regarding ready meals can add to your budget, it is much better if you have the time and skill to cook from scratch to do it that.

9. Bulk meals.

A cheap way of saving money on the grocery shop is to up the amount of food so that you can batch cook and freeze meals for a later date not only does this method save you money but it also saves you time, win-win.

10. Yellow stickers.

Yellow stickers are where supermarkets knock down prices of food when they want to get rid of it because it is close by it's sold by date. It is ok to buy yellow stickers, people seem scared of buying yellow stickers.  I have done for many years and not been poorly. The date of the food is short-lived so a tip would be to freeze for the food and can use it at a later date.

Hope you have found these tips useful.

Cheers for reading X

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Reasons why I love Come Dine With Me

Hey readers,

Can you believe that come dine with me has been on our screens for over  13  years? I for one still one it and it is one of my favourite programmes.

 Come Dine With Me is a programme where five or four contestants compete with one another to get the £1000 reward. each contestant gets a night to host a dinner party at their home. they have to serve a starter, main and pudding. each guest then rates the host on the whole night a number out of ten. the person with the highest score win.

However, this is not just a cooking completion and there so many more reasons to love the show. let me share the reason below.

1. House tour.

 I love it when you see the guest going around people's houses, I am naturally nosey (I blinking love through the keyhole as well for that very reason). I  like seeing how people put their homes together.

2. Narrative.

One of the main elements of the show that makes it so successful is, of course, the legend that is Dave Lamb. He is the abrasive of the show and it is full of beautiful sarcasm and times so well.

3. The contestants.

Well, where do we go with this one, of course, the contestants are great especially hats off to the people that chose who goes on the episode? The variety is really good especially when you know they are going to be a clash. to be fair though it can also be good when getting along. I think the element of surprise is something that helps viewers wanting to come back for more.

4. On-screen drama.

If you have watched come dine with then you ahem to admit it is hilarious when some sort of drama d happens. whether it is a drunk host letting their snake on the table to then poo or the host kicking our the guests because they have had enough it makes great entertainment.

5. Food.

I also like seeing what people come up and seeing it going bear-shaped. Not to mention when you question what the F is that. A couple of my favourites is when a self-confessed barbie wannabe decides to serve a pudding of truffle with the secret ingredients a sausage, I kid you not, lol! Or there was this other person who decided it would be a great idea to layout sushi for her guests on a person layer on the table. the guest would have to take the food off from the naked body, I mean you can't make this sh*t up.

Do you love to watch Come Dine With Me?  love to hear your comments below.

Cheers for reading. X

Monday, 4 March 2019

Living Arrows 9/52 {04/03/2019}

Hey readers,

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

by Kahlil Gibran

This picture was taken on Saturday morning when the boys for awhile *shock horror* played nicely together with their Lego that they had to build the previous night.

I was sitting there on the sofa thinking how lovely it is now that they are at the age where they can play on their own independently.
I love just sitting there listening to the random ideas that come out from their mind and express it through play.

One positive about having two children is that they are different and that they are their own person. To see their different ways of thinking is amazing.

They are aged 5 and 7. I am just loving this age as they are becoming their own person with their own identity. Ok admittedly some of it may be influenced by their parents but most of it is there own such as temperament and subjects that they choose for themselves to enjoy.

Anyhow thanks for reading and hope you have had a good week X

Sunday, 3 March 2019

My Sunday snapshot 03/03/2019

Saturday, 2 March 2019

What I have been loving in February

Hey readers,

Wow, that is February gone so what have I been loving this month? Let me enlighten you below. 

1. Warmer weather.

Oh yes, I am totally embracing the milder weather. I don't even bother with a coat as I hate wearing as they make me feel claustrophobic. I have even dusted down the old slip-on pumps and not worn socks, let me tell you absolutely bliss!!!!

2) Alan Partridge.

This to me is a biggy as I love Alan Partridge and to see the show with a new layout is awesome, it was one of my favourite comedy show ever. 

3) Daffodils. 

What can I say they remind me of spring, don't cost a lot and brighten up a room. Win-win for me and my boys are uber cute letting me know when each daffodil has opened up fully.

4) Santigold (album title Santigold). 

Image result for santigold album

I love this singer Santigold but searched out the old album and have been listening to the album a lot. Great for having on when Iand out and about walking. 

5) Fitbit. 

I have finally saved my pennies and purchased a Fitbit again. I broke my last one and didn't invest in one again till now after two years I think, lol. Anyhow, it is a great motivator and has helped me become more active with the target of 10,000 and I am a bit of a geek and enjoy looking at my progress through the Fitbit graph. 

6)  Colouring in.

My youngest has been getting into colouring in and I have joined in and taking very seriously. I love it and it is so relaxing. Not to mention the fact that it calms the kids down. Which is brilliant when you have two energetic boys is a blessing in its self because whilst they are colouring they are concentrating which means they are not talking, peaceful bliss.

What have you been loving in February? 

Cheers for reading X 

Slip in the moment

Friday, 1 March 2019


Hey readers,

My word of the week is:

because I do not know if you are aware but the sun has been shinning a lot. I even dusted down my sandals, bliss to have air circulating around your feet.

  Now, that the temperatures have been mild I have also taken advantage of this factor and washing on the line all week, of course, I had to mention washing because I am a mum right and it feels like I am permanently in and out of the washing machine, lol. 

I am also walking more now that I treated myself last week to a Fitbit, it is a great motivator and much better than the old pedometer. I am definitely been out more and opted to walk instead of not doing any exercise which feels wonderful, of course, it also helps that the sunshine has been out which makes it much more of an enjoyable affair. 

Hope you have had a good week., 

CHeers for reading X

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

5 places to find royalty free photos

Hey readers,

If your blogger or thinking about doing a blog you may what some nice crisp pictures but your not that good yet or you just don't have to take the time to take them. One way to deal with this issue to use royalty free images which you are allowed to use on your blog without getting into trouble with anyone.

1. Pexels.

Image result for pexels

This website hosts thousands of photos for you to pick uploaded by talented photographers each day so the database expands with more choice for users to pick the right photo for them. They are all free and can even be used for commercial use as well. All images are Creative Commons Zero License. You can use them on whatever project you are doing whether it is a blog, app, websites etc.

2. Unsplash.

Image result for unsplash logo
Another website that showcased a beautiful showcase of photos. The site claims to have 100,000 contributors and generates more than 9 billion photo impressions per month on their overgrowing collection of photos. There are all sorts of photos from abstract, colourful, nature, macro, industrial, you name it the sites showcases it all.

3. Pixabay.

Image result for Pixabay logo

Pixabay state that they have over 1.6 billion royal free stock photos, vertical design, clip art and videos. shared by individuals uploading for you to use for free. You can use the images for personal or commercial use.

4. Burst Shopify.

Image result for 4. Burst Shopify logo
This is a smaller website compared to the above sites but that doesn't mean a great place to find good quality photos for you to use on commercial and personal use. You can use the images for such projects as mug image, means or even shirts for a few ideas. The photos are all royalty-free and that is constantly updating new images to feast your eyes on.

5.  Kaboompics.

Image result for kaboom pics logo

This site offers model released images of people which is quite hard to find from I site shares royalty free images. Though there are not as many photo choices as bigger sites it still gets 4 million times been downloaded which indicates a rather popular site to check out. 
Do you use royalty free stock images? What is your favourite sire to use?

Cheers for reading X

Monday, 25 February 2019

Why I like shopping in charity shops.

Hey readers, 

I love charity shopping, it such a cool habit to do. It is so fun because you don't know what to expect because it is so random and such a variety of items.  So, why do I like charity shopping? Well, let me tell you why below. 

1. Money. 

Going shopping in charity shops is a great way to be frugal and save so much money.  Not to mention the fact that you good value as there is still plenty of wear in the clothing. Not only can you get clothing from charity shops but other items such as homeware and children's toys. The shops tend to check beforehand the quality. I would 90% are really good at that with the odd that shop doesn't give a monkeys. However, you can check it before buying anyway so it is absolutely fine. 

2. Unique. 

The items that people kindly donate to charity shops is so varied in the choice that it can be a really fun way of thinking outside of the box in terms of creating pieces for outfits. You definitely going to feel unique because you can pick up something different and create your own style. Most items tend to be out of trend which is good because you know that not everyone is going to wear the same item at the same time, which is refreshing. If you are into vintage clothing charity shops are the place to be as they are a lot cheaper then say Ebay because there is less focus selling the idea of 'vintage'. 

3. Charity. 

You know when you buy from a charity shop the money that you pay for the items goes straight to the charity and causes that will benefit greatly for your contribution to buying items from the charity shop. 

4. Environmental.

Buying from the charity shop means that you are recycling old items and reuses them, meaning less material is being used and affecting the environment whilst doing this. With regards to throw away fashion, it means it is more sustainable and that you are not just buying more clothes but instead buying old clothes but are new to you. 

Do you like charity shops? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Cheers for reading X