Thursday, 7 March 2019

10 supermarket hacks

Hey readers,

Going shopping can be costly when you go with no plan and impulses kick in. We all want to save money so I have put together some tips on how to save money whilst going to do your supermarket shop.

1. List.

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The first hack would probably be the most important one and that is to write a list prior to going shopping. It is important to stick to your list and do not buy extra things at the supermarket that you do not need. 

By writing down a list you already have a pre-understanding of what you want so you are prepared to get it and get out. You don't have to waste time looking for things and decided because you already have the plan in place.

2. Brands.

Instead of buying branded items swap to supermarkets own version because at the end of the day most of the time you are paying for the name. Don't be put off by supermarkets own food because it can be just as good but half the price.

3. Stomach.

Make sure when you do go shopping that you don't go on an empty stomach as this will make you want to buy something on an impulse which intern means wasting money.

4. Online.

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Check online for supermarket vouchers or offers, preparation is key. A really good app to download is my supermarket where you can search for a product and compare the prices of the different supermarkets to get the cheapest deal.

5. Supermarkets.

A brilliant way to reduce your supermarket shopping is a swap from the main supermarket to a more budget-friendly one such as Aldi or Lidl.
 You will be amazed at how much you save but do be careful when going down the middle aisle as we all know the delights there.

6. Supermarket deals.

You may think when it comes to a supermarket deal where you can buy 3 items for 2 or BOGOF (buy one get one free) you are saving money. Firstly you have to ask yourself do you really need this and if so work out the maths because sometimes it can cost more then actually buying the item singularly.

7. Vegetarian.

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Try having meals without meat a couple of times a week can save you money as meat is expensive. There are plenty of delicious recipes that don't need meat so don't be put off and give it a try you might be amazed.

8. Pre-made items.

Save money on buying pre-made items such as vegetables, buying it pre-chopped could cost you more. Also regarding ready meals can add to your budget, it is much better if you have the time and skill to cook from scratch to do it that.

9. Bulk meals.

A cheap way of saving money on the grocery shop is to up the amount of food so that you can batch cook and freeze meals for a later date not only does this method save you money but it also saves you time, win-win.

10. Yellow stickers.

Yellow stickers are where supermarkets knock down prices of food when they want to get rid of it because it is close by it's sold by date. It is ok to buy yellow stickers, people seem scared of buying yellow stickers.  I have done for many years and not been poorly. The date of the food is short-lived so a tip would be to freeze for the food and can use it at a later date.

Hope you have found these tips useful.

Cheers for reading X


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