Wednesday, 13 March 2019

10 reasons to take up a hobby!

Hey readers,

Have you ever felt like you are missing something or need to learn and expand your mind? Well, maybe one solution is to start a hobby and learn should start up a hobby today.

1. Challenges. 

Taking up a new hobby will give you that thrill of a challenge and something to problem solve. It will get you thinking of finding a solution to a situation.  

2. Stress relief. 

Hobbies give you that opportunity to wind down and do something for you that you can relax. It is a great opportunity to give you some stress relief and do something that brings you joy. 

3. Personal growth. 

When you start learning something new it allows you to grow as a person. If your talent like being good at art adopting this into a hobby can help increase your skill, practice and have better overall performance in enhancing that skill. 

This will not only help you improve your skill but also it helps give you a feel-good factor in knowing that you have learnt something and you can reap these rewards within time. 

4. Self-confidence. 

When you decide on a hobby you want to do it gives you self confidence because your learning and it is helping you grow as a person. 

Seeing the changes can give you the boost in feeling better about who you are as a person. Plus, when taking on a hobby you are doing something for you that can lift your mood because it is constructive and has a positive effect on your life. 

5. Sense of purpose.

Having something to do and finding ways to improve your knowledge on topics can give you more meaning in life. Hobbies can make you feel good because you feel you have a purpose to do something for you. This, therefore, can help with staying physical and mental activity for longer. Overall, it can give you a longer more fulfilling life. 

6. Friendships and social skills.

Some hobbies are done in a group such as an art or writing group where you meet like-minded people. This can help you improve your social skills or even make positive friendships in your life. 

7. Learn new skills. 

Of course, you could learn something new when you take on a hobby it doesn't have to be something you already can do. Hobbies can help you learn new skills such as knitting or learning to do Salsa.

8. Get out of the house. 

Having a hobby that is somewhere outside is a great motivator to get out of your home and doing something elsewhere instead of being stuck in the four walls. 

9. Opening your mind up.

Taking on a hobby allows you to learn more, think more about different ideas and opens your mind to new possibilities. 

10. New opportunities. 

Some hobbies such as blogging, for example, can give you new opportunities such as getting paid to do a blog post or review a service wherein some situations you may not have been able to afford that luxury. Alternatively, you may meet other like-minded people and it is a great way to connect.

Do you do a hobby? have you found a hobby that benefits your life? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. 

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