Friday, 15 March 2019

Mother's Day guide 2019

Hey readers 

It is March which can only mean one thing... Spring  Mother's Day on the 31st of March. So there is still some time to get some ideas together for the mum in your life. 

If like me you are sick to death of the sickly sweet Mother's Day stuff that is everywhere in shops then check out my guide below of funny Mother's Day gifts. 

1. F*ck off. 

Check out this brilliant Fuck off pineapple eye mask from Prezzy Box for £6.00. Because let's face it we could all feel like saying this at times but sometimes it is much better to have a nap instead ;)

2.  Milk it. 

This milk jug is so cute and funny all rolled into one. It is not only a milk jug but also a personalised Don't cry over spilled milk jug, can't beat a play on words. The jug is from Prezzy Box  for £11.00.

3. #Mumlife. 

I love this next item as it a great way to colour your stress away and so relatable in this digital world that we parent in. It is the #mumlife a snarky mum colouring in book for £5.99 on Amazon . It consists of relatable pictures to laugh and colour in such as, 'bra off, hair up, sweats on, pop cork'. 

4. Winging it. 

Next is this slogan jumper with the ever so relatable winging it catchphrase, where I am sure a lot of mum have felt like this from time to time to time. You can purchase this lovely jumper from Etsy for £19.00. 

5. Crap! 

When I spotted this tote bag with the funny slogan on, 'My crap bag' I know this would be a hit with parents. If you look inside a mum bag you will found a lot of crap so this is very apt. It is £5.99 from Gaga kids

What is your favourite item on the list? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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