Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Kindle vs Books

Hey readers, 

Today I shall be looking at the benefits of the Kindle and books as both I believe have benefits. Although each one has it's own benefits however this is dependant on what you are looking for. So, if you're still looking for which one you should go for then check out my points on each below. 


There are many different types of e-readers you can choose from in the shops. Nowadays a lot of e-readers are lightweight so you can pop them in your bag when you're traveling out and about making it much better than lugging a heavy book around


When looking for a book on the e-reader it's so easy to find a book that you want and download it really quickly. There is so much choice out there and it doesn't take much time at all to find a book that you looking for. Not to mention that you can download a book in the comfort of your own home 24 hours 7 days a week whenever you feel like it as the internet is not closed, unlike the shops which are closed at certain times. 


When you're out and say in a queue or waiting for something and you have a spare minute you can just easily pull out the e-reader and have a read whilst waiting. 


When you're reading an e-book and you come across a new word that you want to find out what that means it's so easy to just highlight the word and it automatically comes up with a definition. This is because there is a dictionary embedded into the reader and furthermore options to click on the link to find out more detail about the word is available. 


With the Kindle being a digital format that means fewer trees are being cut down to use paper to use for books. So it is much more environmentally friendly when using readers. 



With a book, you get that tangible feeling of holding a book feeling it and smelling it whilst knowing it has history behind it. 


Having books in a physical format means that you are less likely to get distracted because it's not attached to the internet and also reading a book stops you from staring at a screen especially late at night can interpret your sleep. 


You know your book is safe because fewer people are likely to want to pinch a book as opposed to if you left your e-reader on your car seat they're more likely to want to go grab it as it is seen to be more valuable.  


Physical books are better for your health because there are less destructive when it comes to saying going to bed at night you're more likely to read and go to sleep well but then gets distracted again.


With a book, there is a place where you can write your notes and ideas down which you can't do with an e-reader. 

Do you usually use an e-reader or book? What's your favorite? I love to hear your comments below.

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