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Monday, 8 April 2019

How a Fitbit helps me and my mental health.

Hey readers,

Only recently have I invested in a Fitbit and it has really been a real motivator for me to get up and move.

 As a person who has mental health problems, I find that having something like counting steps every day to reach a goal has helped me feel a bit better about myself. 

Even though it is a small positive change, it really has helped me a great day in my mental health journey. 

Waking up every day and knowing I want to achieve something as a realistic goal gets me moving, gets me out of the bed and doing something for me which has helped.

 Especially when talking about mental health getting out of the house is something good, getting away from the same four walls can be a breath of fresh air.

 Doing something productive is a biggy for me instead of brewing on the negativity and my thoughts that just go round and round. 

Having a Fitbit has provided me with a focus and a distraction from the feelings of giving up and feeling like what is the point. 

Having a reason to leave my home is a big help. I have a purpose though it is just numbers it is more than that to me. 

I have a goal that I know I can aim for, it allows me to focus on walking, getting exercise helps release them feel good hormones.

 Doing something for me gives me a lift in my mood, knowing I am taking action when I force myself out of the home and doing exercise.  

Improving my health and stamina with fitness has made me feel better about myself because I have regained that control because I AM doing it, I am getting out in the world and exciting. 

I know I am not perfect but seeing progress with pushing myself and getting out of the home is a step closer in improving my mental health. 

Getting out in the fresh air allows me to clear my head of the thoughts, it allows me to think of new things because I have a different scenery allowing me to think of new ideas instead of staying at home festering on the negativity. 

Alongside going out for walks to increase my step count there is another element to Fitbit where is a target to walk 250 steps each hour between 9am and 5pm and it is a visual cue to get up. 

It gives you the competitive motivator to move every hour so instead of sitting down for hours on end. 

Seeing the many visual aids to help you stay motivated on the fitness app really does give a feel-good buzz. 

You want to get up and move because you can see the result. You can see the rewards and trophies that you can get via Fitbit app which again boasts your mood because you know you are doing something for you and you growing in strength not only physically but mentally. 

Therefore, I am glad that I chose to purchase and Fitbit. Yes, there are bad days of course but baby steps are key and a Fitbit helps with that for me and my mental health journey.

Cheers for reading X 

Monday, 11 March 2019

Reasons to have a Fitbit.

Hey readers,

You probably have heard of a Fitbit but if you haven't then a Fitbit is basically a digital step counter. 

However, there are more additions to the Fitbit such as tracking your sleep, encourage you do more exercise and on the app, you can keep a  record of how you have been doing over a long period of time.

Why should you have a Fitbit? 

1. Track.

Wearing a Fitbit all day means you can monitor how many steps you are doing and because you can visually see the number it is a great motivator to keep on stepping on. 
Since buying a Fitbit I have increased my step count each day because I can visually see it and it spurs me to keep ongoing.

2. Competition. 

A fun element of owning a Fitbit is that on the app you can invite friends to encourage you and compete with one another to be the one to have the most steps that day.

Alongside using the Fitbit as a step counter you can gain badges when you reach certain milestones. An example of this would be the urban boot badge where once you have reached the first 5000 steps you will be rewarded.

In total there are over 100 badges that you can achieve. The difficulty varies from the start where it is fairly easy right too the really difficult ones such as climbing the 700 stairs in a day. 
In psychology, it is said that it is much better to start off with goals that are small, measurable, achievable, realistic and have a target. If you start off small you grew in confidence and it will over longer period give you the stamina to stick out the exercise regularly.

You can also show the badges you have earned on social media for friends to see. Which again is a  great motivator to keep going as you can physically see the achievements have occurred whilst using a Fitbit. 

3. Customer Service. 

When reviewing Fitbit online and reading peoples experience of owning a Fitbit and dealing with customer service overall it has been positive. Fitbit is very responsive and helpful if you have a problem with your Fitbit.

4. Water-resistant. 

All Fitbits are water-resistant in the sense that they are rainproof and splash-proof and can deal with a sweaty workout if you so wish. Bear in mind though they don't recommend showering, swimming or washing up. But don't worry because it is easy to put the Fitbit on and off. 

5. Fun. 

I personally think Fitbit is fun with the graphs, the buzz when you have achieved 10,000 in the day and the badges. There are even realistic workouts that can easily do in 10 minutes to help build up your fitness level on the Fitbit app, and yes doing exercise does get recorded. Generally, you feel good when you see the results and it is tangible so it is much real to believe. 

I definitely would recommend a Fitbit if you want to get motivated and feel inspired to exercise. You don't even have to buy a brand spanking new, Fitbit. I picked up a fab Fitbit off eBay for less than 20 quid and was only used once. So, there is available depending on your budget. 

Do you use a Fitbit? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. 

Cheers for reading X