Sunday, 12 January 2020

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Tuesday, 7 January 2020

why I am against smacking children

Hey readers,

The Association of Educational Psychologists said that they want to ban parents from smacking children at home.

Smacking is banned in schools however parents can smack their child at home as long as it is deemed reasonable.

I 100% agree that smacking anywhere should be banned because it is physical violence regardless of the amount of strength you do it. 

I don't see how children learn from being smacked by their parents, all it does is make them lie better. To me, that is not good for anyone.

I don't think children learn from smacking if anything I think it can have an impact on their mental health and increase the chances of anxiety. This is because they will be scared in the case at any moment the risk of doing anything wrong and that to have negative consequences.

Having this form of violence (in my eyes) can make a child feel really sad. This can make their home life feel crap because of knowing that if they do anything wrong regardless of it was intentionally an accident there is the risk they get hit.

I think hitting is a negative way to parent and it doesn't solve any problems. It is much better to have other ways to teach the child right from wrong.

If children learn from their parents then they will believe that it is ok to hit someone and then there is the risk that they too may one day hit another person.

I don't think it is fair that someone bigger then the child can go along and imitate and inflict pain on another. When will it stop, how will it end if it continues where do parents draw the line? 

How do you know if the parent gets fed up and thinks well got to hit the child harder to get the message through? 

This situation can escalate in a very toxic homelife impacting on the child's mental health and other areas such as education.

I think if you want to earn respect from a child it doesn't work if you hit them if anything it could result in the child-hating the parent.

 It certainly wouldn't want them to come to the parent and talk about any concerns they may have, as they don't know how the parent will respond. Then this may cause a negative relationship between the child and parent, that can be damaging for the child.

I myself have been in similar situations and there is nothing worse as a child when you are petrified of going home to the horrible environment. You literally are scared and anxious at school. 

The anxiety gets worse closer to the end of the day. For me, I couldn't probably concentrate on my school work because I was filled with dread and worried if I had done anything wrong therefore leading to being hit. 

It is the most horrible feeling in the world. The anxiety doesn't just stop there it carries on all the time constant in the background. It is horrible to live like that and that is why I want smacking banned in the home.

What are your views on smacking? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Cheers for reading X

Sunday, 5 January 2020

50 things to do on a no spend weekend.

Hey readers,

If you haven't heard of no spend weekend it is basically what it says in the name where you set the challenge of the weekend to not spend a penny other then going for a wee ;). 

There are several different noes spend challenges ranging from one day, weekend, a whole month and if your feeling a brave a whole year (hats of to you people who have achieved a no spend for a whole year not sure I could stick it out that long). 

The idea of the no spend is to stop you from spending money basically automatic times and it really does make you stop and think about your consumptions. It also reminds life doesn't always have to be about money. You can also save money and get you thinking in that frameset. 

In this post, I have put down 50 ideas of things you can do on a no spend.

1) Organise and plan your future money. 
2) Volunteer your time.
3) Watch movies.

4) Help your kid/s with their homework.

5) Start a blog.

6) Try geocaching.

7) Try a board game.

8) Draw and paint. 

9) Make greeting cards.

10) Visit local free museums.
11) Read.
12) Visit a park.
13) Clean the house.
14) Do some baking.
15) Cook something new.
16) Spend some quality time with a partner. 
17) Assess your goals.
18) Start a diary.
19) Catch up on the news.
20) Colour in.
21) Read.
22) Sleep. 
23) Make a to-do list. 
24) Have a bath.
25) Organise your wardrobe.
26) Sell stuff on eBay.

27) Teach yourself origami.
28) Watch a ted talk. 

29) Go for a walk. 

30) Go to the library.

31) Write a  letter to a friend from far away.

32) Make a vision board.

33) Go for a picnic. 

34) People watch.
35) Listen to some podcasts. 

36) Play Pokemon Go.

37) Stargaze.

38) Cloud watching. 

39) Scrapbooking. 

40) Host a dinner party.

41) Attend a free community festival. 

42) Practice yoga.
43) Have a cup of coffee and relax.
44) Think about ways to earn extra income. 
45) Go fly a kite.
46) Collect rocks, paint them and hide them for someone else to find. 

47) Reorganise cd/DVD collection. 
48) Declutter your wardrobe. 
49) Check out trending videos on youtube. 
50) Built a fort with the kids. 

What free activities do you like to do? I love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X

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Friday, 3 January 2020

How to wait patiently.

Hey readers,

Let's face it there will be many a time where we will have to face waiting patiently, whether we like it or not sometimes it has to be done. So, here are my tips to help manage the frustration of waiting and how you can get through the waiting process.

1. Distractions. 

Of course with modern technology, most people will have a smartphone on them in some form of the description. What better way to kill some time whether it be playing a game, checking your email or watching small youtube your smartphone is a great companion when waiting around for some time to kill. 

2. Others. 

Another great time killer is having someone you know to wait with you to keep you company and you can talk before you know it your time is up. 

3. Breathing.

If you're really feeling frustrated and unpaitient then try some deep breaths and focus on your breathing and using all your lungs is key whilst waiting. This can help calm your mind and reduce the tension from having to wait around. 

4. Imagination. 

Sometimes it is good to stop whatever you're doing and just let go. Allow your imagination to take hold and get lost in your thoughts you will be amazed at how fast time goes when you emerge your self in your own thoughts.

5. Mindfulness. 

Mindfulness is a great tool to master as it can help reduce stress by focusing on things other than the stress or frustration you are under such as waiting in a queue. By having that free time allows you to focus on your environment - whether it be listening to the noises, focusing on the colours or even paying attention to your feet how they feel against your footwear, are they tired do they feel heavy. Making sure you spend some time on each aspect can be rather relaxing and help reduce the frustration of having to wait in a queue. 

6. Acceptance. 

Sometimes accepting the situation for what it is and knowing that it will end with time is allowing the situation to happen and not get stressed about. Letting go of the anger or annoyance can actually be more beneficial and you can feel ready to stand in the queue because it has a purpose and that you are mentally ready to take on the challenge. By viewing the situation as something that you can control and seeing it a more positive light will mean attracting happier thoughts, therefore, in turn making the situation much more manageable. 

7. Delayed gratification. 

Whilst waiting in a queue is frustrating changing your thought patterns of thinking queuing is a pain in the bum to thinking off queuing in terms of delayed gratification and that with the time you will benefit the situation of frustration to be lead on to the positive reward. 

What are your thoughts of queuing? How do you manage to deal with queing? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Cheers for reading X

Monday, 30 December 2019

102 blog ideas for your mum blog

Hey readers,

Sometimes it is hard to come up with ideas to write for your blog. So let me take away the pain and give you a 102 blog ideas to get your inspired today and start writing great content.  

1. Write about your birth story.

2. How to deal with potty training. 

3. Describe your best day as a mum. 

4. Describe your worst day as a mum. 

5. Write about a day in the life for 24 hours. 

6. How to deal with fussy eaters. 

7. Write a list of your favorite mum bloggers. 

8. Review a child's product of your own. 

9. Write about milestones. 

10. Write about how to encourage your baby to walk. 

11. Things you love about motherhood. 

12. Things you hate about motherhood. 

13. Exercise ideas for children. 

14. A day in the life of your child. 

15. Local fun days out. 

16. Your favorite things to do with your child. 

17. How do you discipline your child? What works for you.

18. A letter to your pregnant self. 

19. The benefits of breastfeeding.

20. The benefits of formula feeding. 

21. Easy recipes for families. 

22. Clothing wish list for a child. 

23. How to deal with siblings squabbling. 

24. How to get your toddler ready for nursery.

25. How to get your child ready for school. 

26. How to help your child read. 

27. How to help your child learn the time. 

28. How to help your child potty train.

29. How to help a child do up there shoelaces.

30. Ways to save money on days out. 

31. Road trip games to do in the car. 

32. Fun games for children. 

33. Self-care ideas for mums. 

34. How to tell if you are ready for another child.

35. A list of your best mummy hacks. 

36. How to organise your child's room. 

37. Write about your experience of postnatal depression/mental health surrounding parenting. 

38. How to deal with mummy guilt.

39. How not to compare yourself to other mums. 

40. Tasks you can accomplish when your baby is asleep. 

41. How to help your child be independent. 

42. How to talk about death with your child.

43. A list of chores that your child can help you with. 

44. Your views on pocket money.

45. How to introduce a new baby to your child. 

46. How to deal with a child with low self-esteem. 

47. How to deal with temper tantrums. 

48. Does time out really work?

49. How to deal with breastfeeding issues.

50. A list of items every new mum needs in their lives. 

51. Why I love my child but don't always like them. 

52. How do I know if my toddler/child has autism? 

53. Why motherhood is hard for introverts. 

54. The case for homeschooling.

55. The case against homeschooling. 

56. How motherhood has changed me as a person. 

57. How to avoid raising a  'snowflake'.

58. How to survive the summer holidays. 

59. The case for why homework is good.

60. The case for why homework is bad.

61. How to survive a miscarriage. 

62. Your views on abortion. 

63. Remedies for colic. 

64. Surviving the first week with a newborn.

65. Mess-free toddler activities. 

66. How to declutter the family room. 

67. How to store toys when they are not being used.

68. Tips on how to have a budget-friendly child's birthday party.

69. Stay at home mum jobs. 

70. How to keep a family budget.

71. Tips for finding a good babysitter. 

72. Ideas for having family fun nights. 

73. Why routines are good for children. 

74. What is your bedtime routine for your child? 

75. The best parenting books you have read. 

76. Ways to save money when shopping at the supermarket.

77. How to get your child to listen to you when they totally ignore you. 

78. Funny things your child has said. 

79. Why did you start writing a mum blog? 

80. Tips on how to deal with the terrible twos. 

81. Share a guest post. 

82. Write about something difficult you had to face as a mum.

83. Your best tricks for stain removal.

84. Write about the times that parenting can be overwhelming.

85.  The best kids audiobooks. 

86. How to make sure your child is not spoiled. 

87. Things you should never say to another mum. 

88. Halloween costume ideas.

89. What's in my changing bag.

90. The mum tag. 

91. What is in my hospital bag. 

92. A review of nappies. 

93. Baby-led weaning for beginners.

94. Sensory play ideas.

95. How to trust your instincts. 

96. 5 tips for using reusable nappies.

97. Best sites for medical advice. 

98. Benefits of reading to your child. 

99. What are your views on sports day?

100. Is my child being bullied?

101. When should a child get their first mobile?

102. How to teach a child to clean up their own room.

Cheers for reading X 

Sunday, 29 December 2019

100 of the best free things in life.

Hey readers, 

Sometimes life can be and we can forget to see the positives in life. So here are my 100 of the best free things in life that will make you smile.  

  1. A roof over your head 
  2. My health.
  3. A movie that makes you laugh. 
  4. First coffee of the morning.
  5. When my children say, 'I love you'. 
  6. A great joke.
  7. The smell of fresh grass. 
  8. Sunsets.
  9. The feeling you get when you fix something. 
  10. Colouring in books. 
  11. The kindness of strangers who I have never had. 
  12. Being outdoors. 
  13. The first signs of a new season.
  14. Your favourite comfort food. 
  15. When a bus driver waits that 10 seconds for you to run and catch up. 
  16. The moment when you can't control your laughter.
  17. Finding lost change. 
  18. When someone sees your hands are full and opens the door for you. 
  19. A good nights rest. 
  20.  Sunny winter days. 
  21.  Winning a game. 
  22.  Receiving something in the post. 
  23. The moment food comes to you at a restaurant. 
  24. When your favourite song comes on the radio at the right moment. 
  25. Chocolate. 
  26. A lie-in. 
  27. Hearing some good news.
  28. The freedom to vote. 
  29. Cups of tea. 
  30. Cameras to capture amazing moments.
  31. Waking up to the warm sunshine on you. 
  32. Having a nana nap. 
  33. Getting lost in a good book. 
  34. Cosy blankets.
  35. Getting home after a long day and putting your PJs are. 
  36. A hot bath. 
  37. Being a parent.
  38. When you accidentally get something for free. 
  39. A new book. 
  40. Feeling of acceptance. 
  41. A nice hot shower. 
  42. Mistakes that helped you be a better person. 
  43. A sunrise.
  44. Taking a morning walk. 
  45. Fuzzy socks. 
  46. Having easy access to clean, freshwater. 
  47. The smell of fresh clean sheets. 
  48. Freedom of speech. 
  49. The honesty of a child. 
  50. Spellchecker. 
  51. Old photographs. 
  52. Home-cooked meals. 
  53. The first flower of spring. 
  54. Happy memories of childhood. 
  55. The sound and smell of the sea. 
  56. Good hair days. 
  57. Having a picnic. 
  58. Feeling hope. 
  59. The perfect playlist. 
  60. Money in the bank.
  61. Free wifi. 
  62. Quiet time. 
  63. The smell of fresh-baked bread. 
  64. The billions of stars on a clear night. 
  65. Flying a kite. 
  66. Hearing good news. 
  67. Pets. 
  68. Learning from your mistakes.
  69. Opportunity to get an education. 
  70. Breathing fresh air. 
  71. Safety and security.
  72. Sunshine.
  73. Tears. 
  74. The wisdom that comes with age. 
  75. Jazz.
  76. The moon. 
  77. Modern medicine. 
  78. Warm clothing. 
  79. Living pain-free.
  80. Your imagination. 
  81. Nature.
  82. Unconditional love.
  83. Access to medication. 
  84. Forgiveness.
  85. Senses.
  86. Music.
  87. Rainy days. 
  88. A burning candle smell. 
  89. The smell of newborns. 
  90. Baby giggles.
  91. Watching children play and have fun. 
  92. Understanding that you can't control everything.
  93. Eating dessert first. 
  94. Organised drawers. 
  95. Singing. 
  96. Being motivated.
  97. Keyboard shortcuts.
  98. The library.
  99. Setting the high score on a game.
  100. Being barefoot on the sand. 
What free things are you thankful for? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Cheers for reading X 

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Sunday, 22 December 2019

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Monday, 16 December 2019

Paperless Post Review **AD**

Hey readers,

As we fastly approaching Christmas you may be thinking of sending Christmas cards to loved ones. Well, there is a fabulous site called Paperless Post who has an amazing collection of holiday cards. 

With Paperless Post products the focus on using fewer trees to help the environment to make it more green which makes it much more attractive. 

Not only do you send a message to a loved one but you are also doing something positive for the environment you live in. 

If you are struggling with time or what to send someone an e-card doesn't worry as Paperless Post have it covered too as they have a fabulous selection of designs. 

Here are some examples of ecards you can feast your eyes on. 

In recent years personalised cards have come very popularly to send to people. You can upload any picture you want and write any message you desire. You can also change the colour and design to meet your needs for the perfect ecard.

Gold ConfettI - Paperless Post - Holiday cards

There are traditional designs if you like the classic look. 

Yule-tied - Paperless Post - Holiday cards

Or you might want something funky and bold so the choices are up to you. 

Warm and Cozy - Paperless Post - Holiday cards

With Paperless Post to purchase e-cards, you will need coins and how to get these coins is to create an account with Paperless Post.

 Another added bonus for new customers gets the first 25 coins free. 

To determine the total cost, take your design’s number of "Coins per recipient" and multiply it by the number of guests you plan to invite. For example, if a design requires 5 Coins per recipient and you are inviting 40 guests, you will need 200 Coins to send your invitation. Our 200 Coin package is $30.

Of course, holiday cards aren't the only item available on Paperless Post. There are many types of cards from birthdays to weddings. Plus there are more then traditional cards because if you're looking for flyers, invitations and even personalised stationary Paperless Post can meet your demands. 

Cheers for reading X

This is an ad for Paperless Post. I was gifted coins to use on the site for Paperless Post in exchange for a blog post. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

Sunday, 15 December 2019

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Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Unknown to me.

I didn't sign up to this,

There was no contact,

So, how am I supposed to know,

How to perform,

The way you want me to be.

Sunday, 8 December 2019

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Saturday, 7 December 2019

The Snowman Live 2019 at Coventry Cathedral 2019 **AD**

Hey readers,

On Saturday (07/12/2019) I and my family went to see The Snowman with a live orchestra at Coventry Cathedral. 

Which of course is shown in the beautiful new Coventry Cathedral. As a parent is important to point out that there are toilets in the cathedral. 

 Last year was a sell-out for The Snowman film and live orchestra that they have returned this year for more magical performances to get you in a festive mood. 

Carrot Productions who are the creators of The Snowman live have done over 200 live shows across the country in some of the finest cathedrals and venues. The orchestra comprises musicians drawn from the UK’s top orchestras.

The show lasts for an hour and I originally thought that seemed a bit short but actually it was a good length for young children. 

There was plenty of seats for everyone and it is disabled friendly.

Also, the screen is big so everyone in the audience can see the film plus the added extras such as Father Christmas message. 

At the front of the cathedral was the live orchestra so the children get to see the musicians play an array of instruments which is an experience in its self to hear live music. 

I and my son are autistic so were conscious that it might be noisy with a live orchestra so we came prepared with ear defenders.

 However, though the music is loud it is not in the style of music which was soft. I found the music relaxing to listen to. My son who normally struggles with noise sat through the whole of the performance with no problems. 

Santa made an appearance on the big screen. 
 A popular feature was seeing the snowman walk up and down the isles and it was enough to get all the children excited. The atmosphere was relaxed which was a rather lovely and enjoyable experience. 

There was a short piece on the display screen explaining what the different instruments were being played in the orchestra.

 A really good informative piece as they explained the instrument and then played a little of that instrument to make it identifiable. 

Alongside the snowman segments, there was a short story about a donkey and his experience of becoming a dancer with the orchestra playing music. 

Of course, closer to the end was the classic film The Snowman shown on the big screen. Also, was the live orchestra and a singer who sang the classic hit from the film, Walking in the Air gave a lovely festive feel to it.

 It really did get you in the mood for Christmas and overall most children in the cathedral were quietly watching the film so it went down well.

It was fab to do something a bit different for Christmas with my boys that was a calming activity. I definitely recommend it for all that enjoy The Snowman and live orchestra music.

There are still more live performances for The Snowman film with a live orchestra and if you are interested in seeing this performance you can find more information here. The cost of the tickets starts from £11 upwards depending on where you are seated. 

However, children aged 18 months and under will be admitted for free if seated on a parent's knee, with the hope that you will be considerate to other audience members and take your child out of the performance temporarily if they are crying or disturbing others.

Cheers for reading X 

This is an AD for The Snowman live performance. I have been kindly gifted the tickets in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

Sunday, 1 December 2019

4 reasons why you should get vaccines.

Hey readers,

I know some people object to giving their child vaccinations for several reasons, a couple that spring to mind is not inflicting pain on the child or giving them drugs. 

However, vaccinations are so important in helping to keep children protected and healthy from infectious diseases.

 If I had the powers I would make children's vaccinations mandatory for all children. If you're wondering why then carry on reading below as I give my reasons. 

How do vaccines work? 

Vaccines teach your immune system how to create antibodies that protect you from diseases. It's much safer for your immune system to learn this through vaccination than by catching diseases and treating them.

Once your immune system knows to fight a disease, it can often protect you for many years - (citied NHS, 2019).

1. Saves lives.

Vaccinations help save a child's life from protecting them from diseases such as smallpox, tetanus and polio that once made children very ill or even sadly kill them. Nowadays such diseases are gone or they are very rare for people to get.

Other diseases such as measles and diphtheri have been reduced by 99.9% since the introduction of vaccines. 

The only downfall is that if people stop using vaccines the likelihood of the above diseases will come back and spread quickly again. 

2. Safe.

Vaccines are safe for children as they have to spend a lot of medical research making sure that the vaccines do the job and don't cause harm. The testing for vaccines has taken many years to go through and check the safety of them.

With regards to pain, of course, there is a little bit of discomfort in giving a child when first injecting them but it surely is worth that over the child contracting a serious illness that will be significantly worse for them.

Yes in some cases that some children have allergic reactions but that is very rare. The statistics of children not getting diseases is higher than the side effects of reaching a vaccine.

Some people think that in the vaccine themselves contain mercury but this simply is not true. Yes, there are some ingredients that can cause harm but it so small that it will not affect you by having the vaccines. If you are unsure about anything then the best bet is to speak to your doctor as they are medically trained and can answer any of your uncertainties. 

3. Cost.

Vaccines are cost-effective in the fact that it is cheaper to prevent a person from getting diseases as opposed to treating someone with a disease. Plus the more people who get vaccines could potentially radicate a disease due to not being able to spread amongst people.

4. Community.

The more children getting vaccines not only protect the child themselves but also the community because they are not spreading any diseases which are especially important for people who can not get vaccines themselves.

Vaccines have saved up to 3 billion deaths worldwide every year. 

What do you think about vaccines? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

Cheers for reading X