Friday, 3 January 2020

How to wait patiently.

Hey readers,

Let's face it there will be many a time where we will have to face waiting patiently, whether we like it or not sometimes it has to be done. So, here are my tips to help manage the frustration of waiting and how you can get through the waiting process.

1. Distractions. 

Of course with modern technology, most people will have a smartphone on them in some form of the description. What better way to kill some time whether it be playing a game, checking your email or watching small youtube your smartphone is a great companion when waiting around for some time to kill. 

2. Others. 

Another great time killer is having someone you know to wait with you to keep you company and you can talk before you know it your time is up. 

3. Breathing.

If you're really feeling frustrated and unpaitient then try some deep breaths and focus on your breathing and using all your lungs is key whilst waiting. This can help calm your mind and reduce the tension from having to wait around. 

4. Imagination. 

Sometimes it is good to stop whatever you're doing and just let go. Allow your imagination to take hold and get lost in your thoughts you will be amazed at how fast time goes when you emerge your self in your own thoughts.

5. Mindfulness. 

Mindfulness is a great tool to master as it can help reduce stress by focusing on things other than the stress or frustration you are under such as waiting in a queue. By having that free time allows you to focus on your environment - whether it be listening to the noises, focusing on the colours or even paying attention to your feet how they feel against your footwear, are they tired do they feel heavy. Making sure you spend some time on each aspect can be rather relaxing and help reduce the frustration of having to wait in a queue. 

6. Acceptance. 

Sometimes accepting the situation for what it is and knowing that it will end with time is allowing the situation to happen and not get stressed about. Letting go of the anger or annoyance can actually be more beneficial and you can feel ready to stand in the queue because it has a purpose and that you are mentally ready to take on the challenge. By viewing the situation as something that you can control and seeing it a more positive light will mean attracting happier thoughts, therefore, in turn making the situation much more manageable. 

7. Delayed gratification. 

Whilst waiting in a queue is frustrating changing your thought patterns of thinking queuing is a pain in the bum to thinking off queuing in terms of delayed gratification and that with the time you will benefit the situation of frustration to be lead on to the positive reward. 

What are your thoughts of queuing? How do you manage to deal with queing? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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