Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Help your child feel confident.

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Sometimes children are complex or they have for whatever reason may not feel confident in doing something. 

  My eldest is quite anxious and nervous regarding certain things and I have worked with him to help reduce that anxiety.

 Here are some things you might want to try with a child who does not feel confident to help boost their self-esteem.

 Positive praise.

The most important tip to help boost a child’s confidence is to make them feel good about themselves. 

You can do this by giving your child positive praise because it is focusing on the good things that the child has done. 

The child themselves might not see the good so it is important to praise them for when they have done something noteworthy and speak to them about it. Y

ou need to keep praising your child as this will help them gain that confidence to know that what they are doing is good and it is getting the praise it deserves.

Allow your child to try it out and learn for themselves.

Sometimes the best way to help a child learn is to allow the child to learn by themselves in a safe environment.

 Let them do something without your help to see what works and what doesn’t. 

This is a great learning tool and I think one the best ways to get a child to learn.

 I know it is easy to instantly go in and help your child. However, allowing them to test it out themselves gives them that first-hand experience.

 They are more likely to remember what happens and no what to do instead to get a better result. Also, they can build their understanding of a subject by trial and error.


Encourage your child to do something even when the child protests. 

Sometimes they are scared to try something, which is why it is good to encourage them to do it and give it ago.

 You never know they may find out they like the thing they have tried. Sometimes going out of your comfort zone can be scary at first however, it can once be done do wonders for your self-esteem.

Ask for their opinion.

One of the greatest ways to get an understanding of your child is asking for their opinion and listening to what they have to say. 

This helps build a strong relationship on respect and understanding on both sides.

 It allows your child to feel appreciated and ultimately it will give them trust to know that there is a safe place to come to and be heard.

Make a special time together.

A great way to give your child something special is having 1-2-1 time with them doing something that they enjoy.

 You don't have to be flash, it could simply be having a child read a story or letting them tell you something about what they have done that day.

 I think it is important for the child to have dedicated time as it gives them attention and to feel loved.

 It is not always easy for the parent when so much is going on but even ten minutes of interrupted time together makes a massive difference for the child.

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