Sunday, 26 January 2020

Ways to improve your mental health

Hey readers,

I have spent a large proportion of my life living and battling mental health problems.

 I have experienced anxiety, depression, and OCD. 

So, I for one know how hard it is to manage and get on with living your life when you have hurdles to overcome.

 Here are some of the ways in which I try to help improve my mental health and as I am writing this may be helpful to you the reader.

Learn to be kinder to yourself.

This one is an ongoing problem that I struggle with putting into place, as over the years I have learnt to put myself down therefore it is much harder job to be nice to myself. I understand that this takes time so stick with it! 

 It is easy to batter yourself with the negativity especially when you're dealing with trauma. 

That said one of the ways you can do something positive in your life is to learn to be kinder to yourself. 

I bet if the situation was turned to a loved one I bet you wouldn't speak to them the way you speak to yourself. 

You can change behaviour though it takes time but needs to be practising to do so.

Take time out.

One of the best things for me when I am struggling is having time out to myself. 

 For me, I like to go for a walk with my headphones on. It makes me switch off from what is happening and just go somewhere else other than the situation I am in.

Set realistic goals. 

Goals are brilliant - they help give focus and something to aim for. 

However, the one thing that can occur for people is making goals that are too unrealistic and less likely over time to struggle to stay focused and reach their goal.

 So, when you do consider making goals have a big goal but then make micro-goals to help along the way to achieve that big goal.

 Another thing to take on board to reward yourself with something when you have reached a small goal.

 This will make you feel good and make you want to continue to the next level of achieving that goal.

See the positives. 

As a person who sees the world with an empty cup of water, it can be so hard to see the positives, sometimes you got to wing it until you make it.

 What I mean by that statement is that you have to force yourself to see the positives, write them down and find something even if it is getting out of the bed in the morning, that is progress.

 Habits are hard to break so get into forcing yourself to write down three positives a day, over time this will become easier to do.

Break up the monotony. 

Life can be boring at times so that is why it is important to do something now again that breaks that samey samey up. 

You don't have to spend a fortune you could go to the local park and have a picnic. 

It is refreshing to do something different now and again as it allows you to have something to look forward to.

What things have helped improve your mental health?

Cheers for reading X


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