Hey readers,

My word of the week is:

because I feel like some weeks where not much has happened but the sense of paddling on. 

I know for a fact that this will change as it won't be long before the final count down to end of the term. 

Therefore meaning that things go manic and my brain gets overloaded with trying to remember all the information with going sports day, ceremonies, etc.

In other news related to paddling is Ryton Pools which my eldest has been waiting all year to go as he knew from last year 2's went and paddled which he absolutely can't wait to try. 

You see last summer we went on a family peddle boat me, husband and the two kids and since then he has been desperate to do it himself. Well that day has finally arrived and he was so happy, bless him. 

My youngest has been coming home and repeatedly telling me how to say 1,2,3 in Spanish. I am pretty sure I didn't do that when I was at school when I was his age, oh how times have changed. 

So, overall my week has been relaxed which  I would moan about as I like the calmness that it brings. 

Hope you have had a good week. 

Cheers for reading X 


  1. Those calm weeks when nothing much happens are the best, gives you a chance to catch up with everything. I hope your son enjoys his trip with school.

  2. It sounds like a relaxed week with a bit of fun added in for your son. My kids started learning Spanish at age 6. The girls both learn Spanish and French now, I don't know how they get their heads around learning two languages at the same time. Thanks for linking up to #wotw

  3. Relaxing weeks are the best! They give you a chance to catch your breath. I have to admit, I was intrigued at your word "Paddling" this week. Didn't know what that was all about! :)

  4. Ahh! There is always so much going on at the end of the school year. I always struggle to keep on top of it and remember when everything is.
    It's so sweet that your boy has looked forward to something for so long.
    I never did Spanish at school either but both of my girls did. x

  5. Good to have a relaxing week. Especially as schools always seem to jam lots into those final weeks of term. I hope your eldest enjoys his trip and your youngest is obviously enjoying his spanish lessons. #wotw

  6. Relaxed and paddling along is a good thing at this time of year - the end of the school year can get really hectic. Love how your youngest is learning to count in Spanish and hope your eldest enjoys trying out a paddle boat. #WotW

  7. That sounds like a really lovely thing to do. I find the end of the school year is so busy and hectic xx #WOTW