Sunday, 9 June 2019

top 10 tips for Legoland.

Hey readers,

The other day we visited Legoland which is a fun packed family day out for all. I am sharing some tips that I have experienced that may be of some use to someone visiting Legoland. 

1. Drinks. 

Make sure you bring plenty of drinks with you and food as it is pricey plus the queues can be quite long.

2. Refill. 

If you ok with queuing then I recommend purchasing an unlimited refill cup for £1.99 and each refills then after is 60p. You can buy these from most shops throughout Legoland. You can then go to any drink type stall and ask for a refill. 

3. Wet. 

Bring towels and swimsuits with you as there is a water park there and it is fun to do whilst waiting for your next ride. 

4. Merlin Pass. 

A great investment if you like going to popular attractions is to purchase a Merlin pass. You then can get entry to Legoland plus many other popular attractions. In the premier membership, there are discounts and free parking all included in the premium pass for 34.99 per person and 11.99 each month. 

5. Q-Bot.

Q-bot is a great investment as it allows you on to rides without queueing. This is great if you have little children especially as some rides have a queue time of 1 hour. There are different payment options but you can check out details here.

6. Sensory room. 

There is a sensory room for children with additional needs such as autism. It is very good for time out especially as it is a calming environment and a quiet place to go to get away from the business of the park.

 It is near the harbor live, though it is not very well advertised and lucky I stumbled upon it or else I would not of know about it. 

7. Rides. 

The best plan I think is to choose your favorites rides you want to go on and focus on getting on them. Legoland is massive and with queuing times you can not go on everything in on one day. Always best to be prepared especially during peak time. 

8.  No queuing attractions. 

Check out the times of the shows as they are a really good fill in whilst waiting for your turn to go on a ride. 

There is a play park which is always a hit with kids plus another great filler whilst waiting for your ride. 

There are several no queue rides and they are  - mini land, Loki Labyrinth, Castaway Camp, Enchanted Forest, Harbor Live shows, Drench Towers, Splash Safari, Duplo valley theatre, and Imagination Factory. 

9. Buggies. 

If you require a buggy then do not fear as there are plenty of buggies to hire for small children as there is a lot of walking involved when visiting Legoland. 

10. Height.

A good tip would be to measure your child before going to Legoland as this then allows you to plan which suitable rides to visit before arriving at Legoland. 

I also did a vlog below to get a feel of what Legoland is like.

  Have you been to Legoland? and if so what is your best tip to have a fab day out there?

Cheers for reading X 


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