Cafe Rouge Groupon review.

Hey readers,

The other day I treated my husband to a meal out to Cafe Rouge in Coventry. If you haven't heard of Cafe Rouge it is a chain of French bistro and they have 70 restaurants in the UK. 


I also need to mention that I love a good old bargain so took the chance and brought a 3-course meal for two from Groupon for £23.00 which saved me 60% of my meal, yes, please! 

**Just to be clear this is not an AD, I just love a bargain and thought people might find this helpful.**

The menu includes:

Starters: French onion soup | garlic mushrooms | pea and mint tortelloni | breaded whitebait | breaded camembert.

Mains: poulet Breton | Moules marinière | steak and frites | duck confit | Leffe beer battered fish | summer salad with chicken | Croque Monsieur | pea and asparagus risotto | boeuf bourguignon | omelette | chargrilled chicken burger | black Angus burger.

Desserts: beignets | chocolate tarte | crème brûlée | tarte au citron | ice cream.

Also, note that you have a link after purchasing the coupon from Groupon that directs you to the Cafe Rouge website. It is important for you to book the table with a time that suits you.

Review of the restaurant. 

We arrived at Cafe Rouge at 12.30 on a Monday so luckily fairly quiet. We were quickly greeted by a member of staff who told us to chose any table we wanted, we went for the table near the window as we are nosey, like people watching hehe. 

We were asked for drinks - now here are the catch drinks aren't included. However, we ordered anyway as I was parched. Hubby ordered a flat white coffee and me a standard diet coke.

Hubby thought the coffee was really good quality and had lovely art decoration on top. 

Next, we ordered food and started with our start. I ordered garlic mushrooms on sour toast whilst my husband ordered breaded whitebait (which game with mayonnaise to dunk the fish in). 


We didn't have to wait for ages (though I don't mind as we didn't have kids so we could actually have an adult conversation).

The food tasted fresh and really good flavours.

The waitress cleared our plates and was super friendly and helpful. She then took got our next meal the main. 

I had a black Angus burger with fries whilst hubby had muscles and fries. Oh, my word people, myself and hubby assumed he would get a small dish of muscles however it was a massive dish of muscles (as you can tell from the photo below). 


Again, the food was fresh, though I didn't like the smokey flavour fo the burger, that is just my taste. One downfall with the fries is they did taste a bit undercooked for my liking as I like the centre of a chip soft fluffy. But can't really fault it because of the meal.

Soon the waitress took the plates away which we didn't have to ages like some places. We then asked for the dessert menu and I chose the chocolate tarte whilst husband picked the crème brûlée.
My chocolate tarte was beautiful, dark not too sweet and the cherry morello coulis really complimented the chocolate flavour. 

Husband really liked his crème brûlée though cold (but this might the norm in France) but he really enjoyed the taste and texture. He was a bit sad that it didn't crack when breaking the top.

The waitress got our receipt and we paid the extras for our meal. 

Overall, cant thought it and a fab deal via Groupon. Staff were friendly, polite and did a really good job of service. 

The place its self was clean, the staff kept on top of the tables so there weren't leftover plates from previous customers. The ambience was relaxed, the music was chilled and overall an excellent experience. 

Would I recommend getting a Groupon voucher? yes, I would but the only thing I would highlight is to make sure you clear in what you're getting and be mindful that drinks aren't included in the menu.

Cheers for reading X 

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  1. Oh it looks very snazzy in there and the food looks fab. So glad you and hubby had a nice time. It's good to have a bit of alone time sometimes isn't it?! We don't get much so we make the most of it when we do!! :) x

  2. This looks like a great place to meet up for a catch up with friends while enjoying a coffee and cake #anythinggoes@_karendennis

  3. I love good food and a bargain and Groupon sounds like a great way to save money. #MMBC

  4. Oh wow! What a bargain meal!
    I never think of using Groupon. I think I should! Your food looks amazing, the portions were so good! #MMBC

  5. Cafe Rouge is one of my favourite chains. I love their mussells and soups. Grouopn sounds a great way to save some money. #Twinklytuesday

  6. I haven't been to Cafe Rouge in ages but we do enjoy it there. Much like you, we love a good discount and there's often one to be had for there which is great. #DreamTeam

  7. Never been to Cafe Rouge but the food looks nice. Can't beat a Groupon voucher for a meal out, we've used them often. Thanks for linking up #twinklytuesday

  8. £23 for a meal for two? What a bargain! I haven't used Groupon for such a long time but this has given me the push to make sure I keep an eye out on these type of deals. You really can't go wrong for the price. All the dishes look really good and what I would expect to see from Cafe Rouge. Thank you for sharing this with the #dreamteam x

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting and glad it could be of help X

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