Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Ways to enjoy the sun safely

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It is really important to be mindful when being out in the sunshine during the hot seasons. Here are some handy tips to help keep you enjoying the sun but being safe at the same time. 

1.  Shade. 

It is important to make sure that you don't stay long periods in the sunshine as you can feel ill after awhile with headaches and the potential risk to heat stroke. One way to help combat the reduction in exposure to the sunshine is to find places that have shade, therefore, you can still enjoy the sun and even nip and out but you are being safe at the same. 

2. Drink plenty. 

Being in the sunshine can cause dehydration so itis important to drink often to keep you well and reduce the risk of not feeling good with headaches and feeling dizzy for example. 

3. Sun protection. 

By wearing hats particularly wide rimmed ones and sunglasses can protect you from the sun's harmful rays.  Also with an extra inch of rim added to your hat can reduce skin cancer by 10%. Wearing sunglasses will stop you from squinting in the sun.

4. Sunscreen Lotion.

Sunscreen lotion is so important when you are out in the sun because it acts as a barrier from harmful sun rays which can cause sunburn and skin cancer You should be getting SPF 30 at least and also select broad-spectrum or full-spectrum to protect you from both UNA and UVB rays.

5. Clothing. 

You should consider wearing light coloured fabrics as light clothing reflects light and dark coloured clothing absorbs it, therefore, more absorbed clothing will make you feel hot and that in yourself will make you feel uncomfortable. Light clothing is much softer and cooler to wear making being out in the sun a much more enjoyable affair. 

6. Peak hours. 

The best advice is to avoid being in the sun peak hours as this will be the hottest and most uncomfortable. Look at the weather forecast to see the temperatures and maybe go out in the morning or the evening when it is much cooler and comfortable to be in the sunshine. 

7. Location. 

If you know where you are going beforehand check out if there are any shady areas on google maps or the website to plan out the way to go to incorporate shady areas. 

Have you any tips to stay safe in the sunshine? I love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. 

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