Hey readers, 

My word of the week is:

This week has been very much a mixed bag of emotions. I have had some good and some hard times. I treated my hubby to a meal at Cafe Rouge on Monday whilst the kids were at school. Which was lovely, as it was more relaxed and we could actually talk. 

My eldest this week moved up to stage 7 which I am really proud because some of the stuff with coordination is really difficult.  

Both my boys did really well on Friday with sports day and my youngest got first in the 20m and my eldest got second in the xxx metres. 

I have been struggling with my obsessive thoughts which have caused me to have quite a bad meltdown. I really struggle with the social aspects of things, I just remind me of childhood and I guess also upsets me.

I won't leave this post on a negative point because I feel guilty for sharing my thoughts. So, at the weekend the sun was out and we had a lovely picnic in the park and the boys loved having a runaround. 

Hope you have had a good week. 

Cheers for reading X 


  1. Never apologise for negative thoughts, they can't be helped. I'm hoping the sunshine is helping a little though, running around the park sounds great. I really must get my three out this weekend. Well done on your boys on their sports day's achievements, and how nice to get a relaxed lunch with your husband. Thanks for linking up to #wotw

  2. A meltdown is just that, a meltdown. We let it out and we move on — as you did into the sunshine and a lovely picnic! #WotW

  3. Your lunch with Hubby sounds nice. focus on the positives in your life and get past the meltdowns! :)

  4. Well done boys thats amazing, you should never feel guilty for sharing what is in your mind as that for me is the best kind of therapy, writing things down really helps x

  5. Glad you enjoyed your meal out together. Sunshine and time in the park sound a good way to lift anyone's mood. Sharing keeps it real and helps us all. #wotw

  6. Glad you enjoyed your meal out and well done to your boys on their sports day. Getting out to the park sounds lovely too. I hope that the negative thoughts are easier to deal with this week x #WotW