Tuesday, 4 June 2019

top 11 tips for visiting Thorpe Park.

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Thrope park is a great place to take the family and have a good day out. In this post, I am going to going to give you my top 11 tips that I have found really beneficial when visiting Thorpe park. 

1. Tickets. 

It is much cheaper to book online for tickets then paying at the door. Alternatively, what I did was I purchased a Merlin pass which cost £11.99 plus £34.99 per person a month. This allows me to get into other popular attractions (38 in total around England). I also don't have to queue as I have the added benefit of fast track and I don't have to pay for parking as that is all included in the membership fee. 

2. Fast track. 

It can be a pain waiting for the fast track which in some cases be over an hour for a ride so might be worth thinking of paying for a fast track. There are different packages, to find out more click here.

3. Supermarkets 

Check out the local supermarket nearby for food. If you are eating at the park then check out places further afield from the main entrance. They also have a children's meal offer which makes it a lot cheaper and there is also eateries like KFC. 

4. Take a picnic.

A cheaper way to reduce food costs is to bring your own picnic as there are plenty of places to sit and enjoy your food. 

5. Refill. 

A good investment is to get the drinks vessel from the park which cost £10. I shared that with my husband and two children. You can refill as much as you want and there are over 100 different flavours so the is a variety of drink flavour to chose from. 

6. Clothing.

Bring spare clothing as there are wet rides and might be a good idea to bring raincoats/poncho. However, you can buy from the store but come with a cost. 

6. Heights.

Check children's hight beforehand and to make it easier to plan the day with what rides you want to visit. 

7. Storage. 

There are lockers throughout the park at a cost of £2 for a one time go. This is a good idea if you want to store and collect at the end of the day so you have to hurdle loads of bags with you all day. 

8. Lost.

A good tip if you are a parent is to write down your contact details on a piece of paper and put them in your child's pocket. Therefore if your child does get lost then it is easier for someone to help your child get in touch.

9. Planning. 

When choosing where to start it might be a good idea to start at the back of the park where there are fewer cues because people normally just head straight to the first ride that they see. 

10. Strollers.

 There are plenty of strollers if you need them as it is a lot of walking for a little child. 

11. Early bird.

Go early as the car park charges £10 a flat rate all day. Plus if you get earlier more change of getting more rides. 

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